You are generally a very calm and kind person. If only…

People knew how to drive

The kids would calm down for just a minutes

My partner would help me with the house work

My boss would stop riding my tail

I could get my employees / co-workers to get things done correctly

My hair would collaborate for once in my life

Yep. We are all very nice when the world complies to our wishes.But why is it that you find yourself getting aggravated, loosing patience, being impatient or judgmental and maybe even snapping at people more than the usual? (specially your significant other and kids). The answer may be hiding in you liver

According to yoga your issues live in your tissues. According to science the stress response creates a chemical cascade that affects every organ and cell. And according to Traditional Chinese Medicine your liver is the house for emotions such as aggravation, resentment, hostility, old grudges and even anger. But this is not the only thing your liver does. You live actually is responsible for dozen of metabolic tasks from digestion to blood sugar regulation, purification of your blood, detoxification of your cells and even helps creating hormones and important nutrients.

A toxic liver is a huge problem for the mind and the body. An overloaded liver slows down just about everything. You skin starts looking dull or maybe you start having inflammatory skin reactions, you’re bloated all the time, you start having brain fog, your energy crashes (or it is never really there) your sex hormones become imbalanced with things like PMS, low libido or estrogen dominance causing trouble. You also start catching every single bug in the office or whatever new bacteria the kids bring home and no matter what you do you cannot loose weight. And then comes the inflammation, the headaches, joint pain… Pure misery I tell you!

These things alone can cause a lot of stress! They worry you, drain you and bring you down. But if your liver is taxed you are probably adding these emotions to those now “stuck” in that very organ. These are known as energy blockages in holistic health and it is very real.

Think about how they read the energy in your heart with a machine, it is called an electrocardiogram. They do the same with your brain, it is called a cat scan….you are energy more than you are matter. This energy moves in many ways, one being the liquids in your body, like your blood and if your blood isn’t being purified (by the liver) we run into trouble. On top of that, when an organ is not well this energy can’t move and problems begin to happen. Some of this problems alter your mood and brain function. A tired and toxic liver is going to make you very anxious. It will probably wake you up around 3pm – the liver hour. In Chinese medicine this is part of the renewal cycle of the body (a concept also common in other traditions like Ayurveda and Yoga) There is a time for every system and stress keeping you up at night is adding insult to injury. Notice if you are waking up at the liver hour. Also, notice if you are grinding you teeth at night. According to my teacher Max this is a huge sign of stored anger and resentment. You may think you are not an angry person. Pay attention. Ask people that are honest if you are being short tempered or seem impatient (promise them you won’t get mad so they can tell you the truth) . Or simply watch your body language…do you have aging lines in your face that look like angry marks? (in the forehead sides of the mouth). Do you make fists almost unconsciously? Do you secretly wish you could throw a temper tantrum at last once a week, or feel like you want to run away, scream, punch a wall or insult someone if that were acceptable/ ok?

You liver is the house of all that backlog. But it isn’t supposed to be that way.  The reason it cannot detox it is because it cannot keep up anymore. The toxic load of your daily life: what you eat and drink, your make up, your personal hygiene items, your household cleaning items, the air you breathe, the negative information you consume, the technology, the old memories, the constant input and much more are too much. You liver needs help! All these things I mentioned are alarms: the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of your detoxing center being overloaded. How can you help? By eating for your liver health and supporting the detox path ways both physically and mentally.

The medical medium writes on one of his book about what he calls the emotional liver “The liver’s unhappiness is the foundation of our emotional instability. When the bloodstream is filled with neurotoxins, (created when pathogens feed on toxic heavy metals in the liver,) focus and concentration can go awry as these toxins soak into the brain. Also, emotions such as frustration and anger can arise from a sluggish, pre-fatty, or fatty liver. Add in the poisons that enter our brain as well as what life throws at us and you can end up with a SAD misdiagnosis”

Detoxing is not a fad. It is a modern need. And the spring, which just started, happens to be the season that gives us most of the liver supporting foods. The greens, herbs, fruits and vegetables that grow in the spring are liver tonics…almost all of them. This is the time to help yourself release physical and energetic blockages. You are part of nature, if you were living close to it you could see how all the creatures are now eating tender greens, cleansing from the sluggish winter foods. You are no different

But I understand this can be both scary and confusing. So this year I decided to start teaching you how to do the things I do to avoid getting to this ugly, impatient, frustrated and frumpy space. I am talking about my Master Classes. This spring I am doing a one time only online course called the Holistic Spring Cleanse. In it I will teach you how to restore your liver and other supporting organs, like your gut, pancreas and more. You will receive a full package with your notes, recipes, shopping guides, detoxing practices and more as part of the class. Plus I designed so you can do the actual cleanse portion anytime. You choose when to start and the automatic online coaching support beings. Simple!

CLICK HERE to get all the details, but don’t wait too long. After the 26th the price will go up, and the bonuses I have put together for those that say YES will also disappear.

These are your bonuses for saying “I want calmer nerves, more energy and better skin”

Seasonal allergy support guide

Restaurant ordering guide

Juicing and smoothie recipe for the beginner guide

Deep detoxing rituals guide

I invite you to do what humans have been doing for ages. Move with the rhythm of the earth. You are part of these cycles and your body is craving them. Being away from these rhythm has caused us too much pain and suffering. Come back to your nature with me. Find peace and let your liver smile…so you may smile again too. LEARN HOW TO JOIN HERE


The burn out emotions stored in your organs

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