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Can success break you? I am a survivor of the glorification of being busy and a nervous system prone to worry and over-achievement. My story is an example of what stress and dysregulation can do, but it is also a

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Reclaim Your Life 6-month Somatic Burnout Recovery Plan: As a client of my burnout recovery coaching program, you will… Use effective practices that regulate the stress response. Nourish your body to have energy without stimulants, get better rest, improve digestion,

Regulating Somatic Sessions

Creating safety in the body during stress, anxiety or grief. This is an approach to breath, movement, somatic embodiment and awareness geared towards building safety and health within your nervous system. These somatic awareness and embodiment sessions are a Polyvagal

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Life Changing…

"Working with Maria was a very positive experience, almost life changing. She helped me to realize that anything I set my mind to is achievable, but I must first admit that I love myself. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have been able to attend this group coaching"

Monique Group Coaching Participant

Incredible experience!

"Incredible experience! In just two weeks I have been able to increase energy level, to forget about headaches, changed the attitude towards nutrition. Everyone must try!"

Marina Seasonal Cleanse Client

She has my best interest in mind…

"Maria has been my coach for well over a year now. Her guidance and support has helped me achieve numerous goals in every facet of my life. My diet has changed, I meditate regularly, I'm launching my own business, and in a few short days, I'll be signing up for my first half-marathon. She always has my best interest in mind, celebrated with me my during happy times, and listened when I was going through some hard times. Maria is always professional and courteous and I doubt you will find a more loving individual in the business!"

Claire Individual Coaching Client