What’s the point of all of this work?
I used to love my job/ be happier. What happened to me?
How much longer do I need to keep this? Can I keep up?
I asked myself those questions a lot in my corporate career.

These thoughts raced in my head but I did not discuss them with anyone else for fear of judgment & being perceived as inadequate for bigger and better things.

I also thought “I want to see my dreams come true BUT there has to be more to life!” And at that point I started to give up on the idea of a succesful life. I started to settle in all areas of my life: relationships, health, career…

And then guilt settled in…I had so much to be grateful for. Why was I so unhappy? I felt I had no right to complain.

If you are asking these questions too I want to invite you to notice if you are hiding them, ignoring them, or even worst, perpetuating them

In my experience, by the time you are asking these questions you are burned out. At this point your body has influenced your mind in a desperate effort to try to make you think differently to save you from further physical breakdown.

Dr. Joe Dispenza explains this beautifully when he says “your body has become your mind” . This shift is a red flag that is meant to be addressed, it is not supposed to be the norm.

When your body hijacks your mind in order to save you, you become unmotivated, you feel like a victim, you cuddle all your fears and weakness and end up in a mix of resentment towards work/ partner/ family and a limiting belief that all you can do is to use little tricks to give you temporary relief.

The body manipulates you because historically you have not taken charge of your mind. At this stage of burnout many give up and the temporary alert system becomes a solidified personality that is rigid, defensive and fearful. But more than anything you habitually (subconsciously) defend and hide your perceived weakness and inadequacy. This often looks like a hardening of the emotions or extreme sensitivity.

This type of mindset steals life away from you. This is why my work starts with getting the mind out of the body. This is also why I do not belief in the “patch work approach”. That is a yoga class, the massage & energy healing combined with the sugar, TV, social media, the little wine and shopping. This is the victimized body desperately seeking relief. It is like mopping the floor without turning off the faucet of an overflowing sink.

How do I know this? Because I did it too. I let my survival mechanism (aka the body signals), run the show. I spent years in a lie telling myself that 3 yoga classes a week, a healing workshop and reading self help books was all I could do. But I did not feel happier. I kept going through the motions convinced this was the best I could do. Always a victim of the stressful, fast, hostile and unfair world

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In health and gratitude,

Maria Marcano

Powerful questions to prevent burnout

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