Reclaim Your Life

6-month Somatic Burnout Recovery Plan:

As a client of my burnout recovery coaching program, you will…

  • Use effective practices that regulate the stress response.
  • Nourish your body to have energy without stimulants, get better rest, improve digestion, balance weight, and other markers of good health.
  • Strengthen your nervous system.
  • Build daily routines for stress resilience.
  • Make progress without competition or guilt in a way that is empowering, not stressful.
  • Remove blocks tied to past and unresolved stress with trauma-informed practices.
  • Lessen the incidence of anxiety, depression, reactivity, and other emotional challenges.
  • Cultivate more mental clarity, calm, and focus.
  • Develop emotional intelligence and intuition.
  • Improve and deepen your relationships, increasing your libido, and joy

This Somatic Activation & Lifestyle Program Includes:

  • (21) Expert somatic therapy and parts work coaching sessions of (75) minutes
  • Accountability support during business hours with a voice follow-up app.
  • Personalized plan using the three burnout recovery pillars: body repair, nervous system balance, and unburdening of subconscious patterns
  • Progressive restoration of the health of your nervous system with breathwork, and Polyvagal informed movement instruction, including videos for home practice.
  • Optimization of physical energy using simple nutrient-dense supplements, superfoods, and adaptogens.
  • Step-by-step resilience plan using self-regulation and co-regulation guides.
  • Compassionate rewiring of maladaptive coping mechanisms such as overworking, people pleasing, compulsive media use, shopping, eating, drinking, etc with Internal Family Systems work.
  • Self-awareness techniques to start to dismantle the root cause of burnout, including meditations to promote new coping strategies and sustain lasting changes.

A personalized approach 

Through 1:1 coaching I’ll partner with you to create an inner transformation for the healthy embodiment of resilience. We’ll address chronic patterns of stress, survival reactions, and fatigue in both your nervous system and your subconscious in a unique way that fits your physical and emotional makeup. This work is deeply tailored to each woman. In this way, it can help you operate at deeper levels with clarity and stress resilience, enjoying success that integrates into your life for the long term.

The right fit for midlife

I coach women after their 40s because this is an important time for wisdom, self-actualization, and inner listening. My clients are at the intersection of midlife, burnout, and dissatisfaction, going “through the motions”, bogged down by stress, fatigue, or overwhelm. They appreciate their success but they feel they have disconnected from their bodies, joy, and intuition, always putting out fires, operating under pressure, and breaking down at some level.

The right fit is a woman open to going deeper, working with her patterns in a whole-person way that serves all areas of her life, especially the deeper and often neglected areas such as emotional intelligence, self-expression, curiosity, and embodiment.

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8-Week Body Reset: Basic Energy Plan

If you cannot commit to a long program at the moment, but you need a healthy change; this is the option for you. Hit the reset button and start feeling REAL good quickly. This can be a great way to start and then move into the 6-month program.

This foundational high-vibration nutritional rebalancing and mental release includes:

  • (3) One-hour individual coaching sessions
  • Email follow-ups
  • Superfood-supported cleanse & 60-day repair to re-set metabolism, release toxins and fat while alkalizing the body
  • Complete food plan and shopping guide to Clean eating (decrease toxins, food stimulants, and the food offenders that weigh you down)
  • Guides to the elimination of major food allergens, processed and denaturalized foods
  • Tasty recipes using simple cooking techniques
  • Gentle mindful exercises and activities include yoga, conscious breathing, and self-inquiry


“I usually find myself implementing a new change doing well at the beginning and fizzle out shortly after whether is a diet, business plan, etc. Maria helped me realize and work on why I repeat patterns and most importantly how to not beat myself up over it and how to work with my patterns. Working with Maria has given me things that I was not expecting at all but I am sure I’m grateful for: I have the energy I used to when I was 22 years old. I thought I was just aging and mature… turns out I was just tired, go figure... I have dropped 25 lbs and I wake up rested. My patience has grown exponentially. I used to have a recurring headache that is gone. I find myself doing things putting myself first… I used to walk through life unknowingly doing things for others and putting myself last. If you are looking to work with your nervous system and learn more about yourself so that you can be more you. No better person than Maria to walk that path with you” Lorena

“Maria is awesome. Her soul is so pure and golden! I took private coaching sessions with her, & she truly demonstrated all the greatest qualities of a coach. She was kind, flexible, understanding, patient, intuitive, and more importantly: PASSIONATE about what she does! I couldn’t have done this without her guidance. She really helps you tackle all obstacles, physically and emotionally.” Alex

“I have been working with Maria for about a year now and the changes I have seen in the way I treat myself and how I eat have really improved. My health has definitely been much better since working with her. I am more aware of what I put in my body and without her help, I would probably still be stuck with all of the negative self talk and not feeding my soul like I need to. I am so grateful to her for her help and guidance and have recommended her to several of my friends. If you want to change your lifestyle for the better, meet with her. It has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself!” Maureen

“Maria del Mar, I truly admire your dedication, discipline, impeccable work, and your compassion for everyone. Your knowledge about healing food is absolutely impressive, and a wonderful complement to your super restorative classes. Thank you, and many blessings!” Monica