You are not alone

Individual Coaching – “Unbusy” Your Life

I focus on people that are suffering from “modern life burnout” or are well on their way to it. My clients are people overwhelmed and fatigued with all the decision making, fast pace moving and endless things on their to do list. Because of that constant lack of energy, taking care of themselves seems impossible for them, and healthy eating or habits are just another drop in a glass ready to overflow. I help them find a way to “unbusy” themselves and create real lasting energy. I focus on nervous system optimization, gut health, adrenal health and cellular nourishment to free them from that constant feeling of exhaustion both mental and physical. The results are a clear mind and a vibrant new body with energy for what matters most.

My coaching is intentionally holistic. This process will invite you to place your focus not only on the external aspects such as time management, eating, resting, etc. but decisively on the mental and emotional drivers of your current unhealthy choices and your body-stored blockages to change. This program has a strong body-intelligence and mindset foundation. This is not to say spiritual, but if you are not inclined to self-inquiry, meditative work, breath-work or some type of contemplation, I’m not the coach for you.

If you understand that to solve the current state of your health you cannot look at the level of the problem, but that you must go for the cause then you are on the right path. Working with me will show you that you can train your brain and even your physiological responses to stress…This is your final journey to well-being.

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Core Burnout Repair Plan

This Somatic Activation & Lifestyle Program Includes:

  • (12) Expert somatic and mindset coaching sessions of (1) hour
  • Accountability support during business hours. Voice follow-ups and encouragement.
  • Personalized plan using the three burnout recovery pillars: body repair, nervous system balance, and mindset
  • Strategic step-by-step restoration of your body’s stress resilience technology (self-regulation)
  • Optimization of physical energy using simple nutrient-dense superfoods and adaptogens
  • Practical instruction of exercises to support the activation of the sleep and digest mode
  • Therapeutic rewiring of maladaptive coping mechanisms such as compulsive media use, gaming, shopping, eating, drinking, etc.
  • Mindset and somatic exercises to promote lasting changes
  • Progressive restoration of the health of your nervous system
  • Mindset sculpting techniques to start to dismantle the need for busyness
  • Powerful breathwork, ETF, and  somatic movement  instruction, including videos for home practice
  • Videos, audios, handouts, and additional tools to support your journey

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Jumpstart: 6-Week Energy Reset

If you cannot commit to a long program, but you are in need of a healthy change; this is the option for you. Hit the re-set button and start feeling REAL good quickly. This is a great way to start and then move into the 4-month program too.

This foundational high-vibration nutritional rebalancing and a mental release includes:

  • (3) One-hour individual coaching sessions
  • Email follow-ups
  • Superfood-supported cleanse & 60-day repair to re-set metabolism, release toxins and fat while alkalizing the body
  • Complete food plan and shopping guide to Clean eating (decrease toxins, food stimulants and the food offenders that weigh you down)
  • Guides to elimination of mayor food allergens, processed and denaturalized foods
  • Tasty recipes using simple cooking techniques
  • Gentle mindful exercises and activities include yoga, conscious breathing, and self-inquiry

This is Coaching for Busy Professional Web Coaching

All my coaching is  offered online or over the phone to accommodate even the busiest of schedules.  Take advantage of a private wellness and food-coaching program for your busy schedule. Work from the comfort of your home or office and have all the benefits of a one-on-one session. No travel time, driving costs or stressful commutes, embrace the way of the future and save time and money.


“Maria is awesome. Her soul is so pure and golden! I took private coaching sessions with her, & she truly demonstrated all the greatest qualities of a coach. She was kind, flexible, understanding, patient, intuitive and more importantly: PASSIONATE about what she does! I couldn’t have done this without her guidance. she really helps you tackle all obstacles, physically and emotionally.” Alex

“I have been working with Maria for about a year now and the changes I have seen in the way I treat myself and how I eat have really improved. My health has definitely been much better since working with her. I am more aware of what I put in my body and without her help I would probably still be stuck with all of the negative self talk and not feeding my soul like a need to. I am so grateful to her for her help and guidance and have recommended her to several of my friends. If you want to change your life style for the better, meet with her. It has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself!” Maureen

“Maria del Mar, I truly admire your dedication, discipline, impeccable work and your compassion for everyone. Your knowledge about healing food is absolutely impressive, and a wonderful complement with your super restorative Yoga classes. Thank you, and many blessings!” Monica