Do you know that WOW! effect you get when you haven’t seen someone for a while and that person has changed their level of fitness, or dressing style, or when you see your niece or nephew after a year and they are so tall?

These changes may not have been so dramatic if you saw them all the time, but time creates a surprise effect. Why am I bringing this up? Because this happens to me with my clients and it happens to you too with your changes.

When we don’t recognize how far we have gotten, it is easy to want to give up or diminish the value of our efforts. This pattern happens a lot for people who burn out. That’s the common dissatisfaction that pollutes our perception and sometimes makes us feel like we need to do more, more and more.

From a somatic parts perspective, the part(s) of you that stay in this dissatisfaction do so as a protective mechanism. They are often using defeat to prevent you from experiencing the difficult feelings that are burdening deeper areas of your system; namely fear, shame or guilt.

So today I want to give you an idea of how you can break this cycle and keep up with your somatic recovery from burnout. The trick is to look for some unexpected, or unique changes… because novelty can help your brain stay focused.

But first, you have to hold space for these defeated and dissatisfied parts. You can do this by simply being curious next time you feel like you are not making enough progress or that your efforts are not recognized.

  1. Find the “feeling in you body”
  2. Give it space to be. Breathe and don’t expect a particular outcome – just observe.
  3. Stay with the sensation, feeling or though for a while. (as long as this doesn’t overwhelm you)
  4. Notice what information you receive from this observation.
  5. Give thanks to your system and the parts that participated.

After you have done this you can play with the idea of succeeding with more ease. Think about the previous process as making sure that there are not parts of you (inner children) who are being abandoned or pushed away in other to “feel good”. If you play “favorite” then the dissatisfaction may get activated. Remember that there are no bad parts in your inner world.

Now you are ready for the next step. As an example let’s imagine you took a pack of sessions or a day retreat with me…

Here are four unexpected benefits I have seen after my clients spend some time nourishing their nervous system by regulating, releasing burdens, practicing non-sleep deep rest, etc.

Creativity and Problem-Solving: Engaging in somatic therapies can stimulate neural pathways associated with creativity and innovation. You may find yourself more inspired, resourceful, and adept at finding novel approaches to challenges both during and after the retreat or the program.

Immune and Physical Health: Chronic stress can weaken the immune system. By prioritizing the health of your nervous system, you can activate the body’s ability to reduce inflammation. You can also enhance sleep, digestion, and hormonal balance, which may lead to increased vitality, stamina, and overall health after the program or retreat.

Intuition and Inner Guidance: When your nervous system is balanced, you are more receptive to subtle cues from your intuition. This can help you live a life aligned with your values and with greater clarity. As you learn to trust your nervous system, you can experience a profound sense of empowerment and guidance.

Deeper Connection and Intimacy: As you regulate your nervous system, and process emotional experiences, you become more attuned to your feelings and those of others. This heightened state leads to meaningful connections. Embodying empathy and vulnerability in somatic sessions can open your body for intimacy and trust which will improve your relationships and experience of pleasure.

Pick one of the above and try to visualize it, them move deeper into embodying it by finding the place in your body that feels this unexpected “win”. Just stay there, savor it or move with it. You can even play a song that elicits that feeling of accomplishment and sing or dance to it. If you cannot feel a sensation or get visuals, try writing a story “as if” it had happened and start there.

I know that none of these are the “common” reasons people sign up for my programs – They are “happy side effects” of burnout recovery. You may not be thinking of them but you’ll be very excited about them once you receive them!

Do you want some of these benefits? Then this is your opportunity. I am actively accepting new clients for the summer to work with me with this focus on the nervous system.

This work can be done in person and online. You can choose to see me on one or join group sessions. I only see a limited number of clients each season, so if you are curious don’t wait.  CLICK HERE to book a preliminary conversation and let’ see if this is right for you.

With love and respect for “Las que caminan”

Maria del Mar Marcano

Get this four unexpected gifts from regulation!

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