Can you be a successful woman and not burnout?…

Can you arrive at midlife without the nagging feeling that your life should be more meaningful?

The answer is yes, but this becomes impossible if we stay in our head, avoiding our body and being confused about our emotional world.

My approach is radically different because I am not afraid to speak about our secret. This unspoken problem is that many women who are close to their midlife with a successful career and a life that looks “good on paper” begin to feel a gut feeling of dissatisfaction that won’t go away.

My Coaching is a whole-person approach that aims to the root cause of this nagging defeat. It looks at how all areas of your life are connected to your response to stress and the decrease of meaning and connection.

Things like

    • Stress in your job or your relationship causing you to overeat.
    • Lack of sleep or low energy preventing you from exercising.
    • Developing gut, hormonal, or other issues after thriving for a long time.
    • Feeling that parts of you want to isolate and hide from the world while others feel lonely and want company.
    • Your busy schedule making you angry, depressed, or anxious.

These many aspects of your biology and personality have been helping you survive. In this work, you’ll gain immense clarity on how these different agendas interact in your life. We will progressively expand your intelligence to encompass your entire nervous system and emotions, look at all these “inner roles” to help you gain understanding, reconfigure internal conflicts, and build inner peace and clarity

Here are some concepts that we will explore during our work together:

Nervous System Regulation and Applications of Polyvagal Theory:

Calibrating your nervous system is imperative to be able to recover your sense of well-being, energy, and balanced emotions. The practices of breath-initiated movement, vagal toning, and applications of polyvagal theory to yoga are some of the practical means I use to help my clients. These practices reduce the onset of the fight, flight, freeze, or fawn response that most modern humans are triggering regularly. I apply these tools in a way that allows the individual to build their practice to the point that it becomes a lifestyle. The results go from a calmer mind to healthier health markers such as heart health or hormonal balance and of course, harmonious relationships at work and home.

Somatic Parts and Internal Family Systems Work:

IFS is an evidence-based therapy used as a way of understanding personal and intimate relationships and stepping into life with confidence, calm, compassion, clarity, curiosity, and connectedness. IFS is frequently used as a psychotherapy, helping people by accessing and healing their protective and vulnerable inner parts (commonly called inner children). In this work, we create connectedness by helping you first access your authentic Self and, from that core, understand and unburden your system from taxing survival patterns and beliefs. We do this, with the somatic application of this model, using bottom-up (from body to brain) tools such as breathing, movement, sound, and safe touch. With Somatic parts work, the Self is restored to its leadership position to bring harmony to the person’s system.

Individualized Nourishment and Supplementation: 

Because we live in such a hectic world many of us fail to meet the minimum recommended fruits, vegetables, fiber, etc, let alone get the optimum amount of nutrients any given day. This puts most women in a difficult position because stress can deplete our bodies affecting important functions. That is why I support all of my clients with the highest quality, organic, and non-GMO superfoods, gut repair blends, and key supplementation. This highly bio-available “food medicine” nourishes the nervous system to skyrocket your journey from day one regardless of your busy schedule becoming a core foundation for sustainable energy & health.

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