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Get ready to…

Say Good-bye to belly bloat and say hello to a flatter belly in 14 simple days.

Amp up your energy levels with a delicious whole foods metabolism boost.

Slip into a bathing suit that you’ll be proud to rock just in time for Summer.

Wave goodbye to toxins that are causing  sluggishness, so you can own your glow.

Free yourself from the overwhelm of mood swings, and be yourself again.

Get expert coaching so your new habits stick and your life simplified

… Let’s Spring into a better you!



April 2, 2019 8pm EST

This Spring  Program was created for anyone who desires to:

✓     Lose weight naturally and quickly without deprivation

✓     Feel beautiful and ageless with glowing skin and endless energy

✓     Shed toxins that are causing your body early aging and weight gain

✓     Improve their mood, mental clarity, vitality and self-esteem

✓     Amp up your metabolism to enjoy a life you’ll love

“I was looking for a way to lose weight without dieting or deprivation. I just knew I couldn’t do that to myself anymore, and I was sick of my weight yo-yoing up and down. With this program, I was able to lose weight WHILE enjoying super yummy foods. Incredible! I’m so grateful for this experience and know that this is a lifestyle that I can keep up! Thank you so much for opening the doors to effortless weight loss for me!” 

Hey Wellness Warrior! My name is Maria Marcano, and I’m a certified health coach through The Institute of Integrated Nutrition. I work with busy individuals that are looking for a down to earth, simple and effective way to lasting energy, stop anxiety and burnout . I focus on simple lifestyle choices that help my clients create powerful  habit changes in the direction of their goals. My job is to empower them by alkalizing their body with food, repairing their gut and balancing adrenals while strengthen their self-esteem and focus with mindfulness and the value of simplicity. As a result they balance they feel more energy, reduce stress, balance weight, reset their metabolism, improve their immune system and more importantly get the focus and clarity to go for what matters most to them.


I created this program for you because at age 41 I FEEL more vital, sexy and wise than ever and I want YOU to feel the same way. I cannot let my friends behind without the secrets to beautiful vitality!

The transition from winter to spring is the perfect time for us flowers to blossom! I love the idea of things blooming and the green colors coming back with warmer weather, but seven years ago that was not how I felt inside. Instead I was congested, tired, bloated and still stuck in the “indoors” mind set of the colder months (plus the puffiness and depression from the heavier foods I ate during winter). I also would get OVERWHELMED with the idea of doing a structured plan. I doubted everything I did and I didn’t have people around that support me in matters of health and self study.

I know most of you are determined to go out there and feel great in your shorts or bathing suits. You want to own your energy and feel strong and young again!  With the best of intentions you tell yourself: I’m ready! But sadly, too many people go down the wrong path, falling in the trap of starvation diets or artificial tricks that end up failing creating that ugly diet cycle or a pill popping habit with no real result… I don’t want that for you my darling!

So often, we eat foods that we think are healthy because the label tricks us, because the magazines say so or because the diet books say so. But sometimes these foods are actually causing us harm. I’m talking about things like embarrassing gas, uncomfortable bloating while you try to squeeze into a slim dress or fashionable pants, inflammation that can actually be painful. I’m talking about nasty congestion, sinus headaches, and bad skin… You know that feeling?…I do too, and I’m FED UP!  are you?


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This Spring  Plan is about discovering the ENERGY that comes from foods and activities related to the spring season. You will be given everything you need to succeed and enough time to do it without rushing or stressing over it.

No more overwhelm and guessing.

No more dragging through the day running on caffeine and sugar while looking tired and old.

No more sleepless nights.

No more looking at the mirror at fatigued and older looking person.

No more hopping on and off of different diet roller coasters.

And no more frustration because nothing seems to work.

Say hello to tapping into your unique body blueprint which will give you limitless wisdom on which foods will love your body back.

Wellness Stock Photo by Sash Photography
Wellness Stock Photo by Sash Photography

Is this one of those programs with a starting and an ending date that never matches with your schedule? Nope! This is a FLEXIBLE plan.

You can start anytime during the spring. When you are ready all you have to do is activate the support emails and they will start flowing automatically. Even the Master Class will be recorded, although I really hope you can make it live to get your questions answered. After the Master Class you can decide when to start your plan. The program is designed so you can “start the coaching” upon request. I did this because I want to honor everyone’s timing and schedule.

Why should I try cleansing? 

Did you know? Your body is carrying roughly 5-10 pounds of toxicity (a.k.a inflammation) at any given time. Which means that headache, bloated belly, or that extra weight that’s staying on? Yep. Probably toxicity. And many of these toxins are hormone disruptors getting on the innate way your body knows how to make things work and flow. This is creating total havoc! 

Here are some of the results you can expect on the program:

  • Lose an average of 3-5 pounds in one week – naturally!
  • Feel lighter and have tons of energy – to do all the outdoor things you like!
  • Kick sugar cravings to the curb – learn how to enjoy healthy sweets!
  • Sleep peacefully through the night – no more dark circles under those eyes!
  • Decrease inflammation – and feel amazingly light!
  • Lessen stress by practicing self care and mindfulness tools – Forget the overwhelm!
  • Manage PMS and other hormone symptoms – to be at peace with yourself!
  • Feel clear minded, calm and confident!

All of this is possible WITHOUT dieting and deprivation. Can I get a “KALE YEAH!!!”?

“Thank you so much Maria ! This program was so very helpful for me as I had never done something like this before with the elimination diet. That was very eye opening and I realized how sensitive I am to sugar and milk. Amazing. so will be really focusing on my nutrition and working on being consciously aware of what I am asking my Liver to detox! Thank you very much and have a wonderful Summer! You did a superb job… Very relaxed and engaging” Tammy

So, what’s the magic behind the scenes?

Well, for starters, we’re working with an elimination diet. But don’t let the word “diet” throw you off! The elimination diet is about removing potential trigger foods so you can see which foods your body reacts to and which don’t cause any reaction at all when you add them back in during the transition phase.

PLUS I’m supporting you with a very powerful and effective organic living foods protocol. These blends are designed to alkalinize your body and make this 14 days life changing. Because I trust that mother earth knows best, I have the best organic super food formulator as a brand partner. With these master blends (my personal favorite tool for super powers!) you will see results very fast! 

I Selected this protocol because it impacts two of the most important organs in your body: The gut and the liver. I  don’t just want you to cleanse…I’d love to help you improve your mood and balance the PH of your system. The addition of these superfoods is a required part of the plan, but don’t worry I got you covered with a sweet $50 discount. You can use the money you save to get a rocking outfit with your new bod!

Think: Happy gut, happy life! The communication between your gut and brain can affect digestion, mood and other body systems—hence the gut’s nickname, “second brain.” You will keep your second brain healthy and supported with the superfoods-powered Gut Pack!
Biome Medic helps protect your gut from GMOs
Aloe Digest supports digestion
Green Spectrum provides pure, alkalizing plant nutrition.  
Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 2.23.51 PM
  • Supports healthy immune function : Say bye-by to excessive seasonal allergies 
  • May assist digestion with prebiotics and probiotics – Better digestion means more energy & improved mood
  • Excellent source of chlorophyll and leafy, green nutrients – This is food for your blood and deep cell building for the NEW you.
This Pack contains all organic non GMO certified superfoods from the farm to your house: 
  • Green Spectrum Lemon (60 serving)
  • Biome Medic (60 serving)
  • Aloe Digest (20 serving)

Upon completing your registration for the Master Class you will redirected to the site to order this superfoods. Using that link will automatically trigger your discount. Your code is MYOMHEALTH

You’ll receive all of these life changing goodies as part of your program too:

Photo Mar 20, 9 37 09 AM


What’s included in this Program?

  • Spring Cleanse Guide: This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about cleansing physically, mentally, and emotionally so you can feel the holistic difference!
  • Email Support: I’ll be popping into your inbox to provide support and accountability and help keep you on track. You are welcome to correspond with your questions using these emails too!
  • Suggested Meals: This guide takes the guesswork out of what to eat by mapping out a full 14 days’ worth of recipes for you, then transitioning into the food plan you choose for your lifestyle!
  • Day-to-Day At a Glance Guide: This day-by-day overview of your program makes it easy to know what you’re doing each day with just a glance!
  • A Shopping List : This list will make your shopping trips super simple, which means an easier, breezier plan for you.
  • Food Diary and Transition Guide: This amazing tool will help you monitor how you’re feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally during the program.
  • An Integration Group Coaching Call: This will be an hour long call to help you in case you have questions and doubts that surface in the cleansing process. 
  • Discounted Coaching: You don’t have to do this alone. If you need extra support I can be there to guide you, encourage you and to offer accountability and follow up. You will have access to up to two online coaching sessions at a 25% discount until May 30th to ensure your success! 
  • Bonus: Restaurant ordering guide, so you can feel comfortable dining out during your program.

This investment in yourself is so affordable!

Early Bird Special:  $47

Early bird gifts also include:

A BONUS Stress Free Cooking for Busy People Master Class (Recording).  Plus my juicing and smoothie recipe e-book for the beginner   

Price after March 26th ~  $60

That’s One 90 Minute Online Master Class,  All the Materials & Bonuses,  PLUS Class recordings, Coaching Group Call,  Videos and More!

This is a $150 Value!!! 


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What makes this program different?

First, the master class is loaded with information that you can use for the rest of your life. You will be getting an education on how to support your liver a detox organs. There will be plenty of time for Q&A and I will explain in detail how to use your materials so you are not confused or overwhelmed.

This it’s not a diet, so there’s no hunger on my watch. This is a new way of eating & spending your daily energy. One that is simple and effective.

Second, this program is based on the elimination diet, so you’re working with a proven, three-prong approach used by functional medicine doctors and world-class nutrition experts. I’ve just broken it down for you so that doing the elimination diet is easy breezy.

Third, there are tons of mindset, emotional and self care tools to ensure you are making peace with your emotions and noticing your old habits to start creating change…PLUS a Bonus: Your own coaching circle group call mid April, where I will check on your progress and answer any questions that come up during the plan.

“Well, what an ‘eyeopener’ this has been..thank you! its been an a great experience for me – I’m actually not sure which ‘phase’ I’m in… because I haven’t gone back to the way I was eating at all… my body feels great. I’ve cut caffeine in the form of coffee and diet coke out and don’t think I will let it back in, I’ve cut out breads, pastas… I’ve managed to lose 5 or so pounds so far which I am very happy about as well…” Deb

“Lack of energy is the result of the perfect mix of toxins, poor nutrition, sub-par gut health and a stressed overactive mind”

That’s what we’re up to here. We’re focusing on releasing the toxins in your body eating seasonal foods, enhancing your routine with nutrient dense meals, improving gut health so you actually absorb those nutrients and practicing mindful and mindset exercises so you can better cope with the stressors in your life.

This program moves in phases so you feel at ease taking small steps. I want you to feel comfortable and organized.


I know this program is perfect for you if…

You’re ready to ditch the daily drag and ACTUALLY experience vitality

You’re ready to kiss the belly bloat that’s been lingering

You want more energy so you can enjoy your life more without feeling tired

You want to look and feel younger without the botox and caffeine

You want to jumpstart your metabolism and look at yourself in the mirror with love

You want to balance your blood sugar and kick cravings to the curb

You’re busy and want quick, easy tools & recipes that work without causing overwhelm

Sounds like you?

Then sign up for this Spring Health adventure. You deserve it!

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“Surprisingly my husband went along for the ride and liked it too. He wasn’t sure he’d want to go without meat, but he did, and now he says he doesn’t miss it. You could’ve knocked me over with a feather when he said that!” Jill