I spent most of the night of Monday, November 14th, a supposedly special night because of the super moon, crying along with my cat Randa. Her pain was acute and so was mine. My emotions paralyzed my actions, all I could do was hold her, do Reiki on her and tell her I loved her. That was the las night we spent together.

She was 14 years old, and we had been to the vet just 4 weeks earlier, because I thought she was losing too much weight, even though she was still eating. The doctor ran all the tests and found a mild liver function decrease “normal in old cats she said”. We changed her diet to add supplementation because she was anemic. There was no sign that she could be dying. Not in the doctors eyes at least! But following that visit I received in meditation a very distinct message that her time in this world was ending. I told myself: No way! stop being negative…I prayed and asked that this thought be removed from my mind. It wasn’t. It only took 48 hours for my baby girl to go from a slightly fragile older cat to skin and bones…this thing eat her up completely. I hate to be so graphic, but if you stay with me you’ll see why I’m sharing in so much detail. I want to save your pet’s life… I want to give you more years of love, the years I always thought I would have with my “Randita” my first and only pet. My “Guardian of being”

On Tuesday morning I rushed her to the vet. We’d slept only a few hours, she spent the night laying on my chest. I knew it was ending…she could not stand on her legs…I was completely hysterical. I had no idea this would happen like this. The doctor told me she was down to 3.5 lbs. and her red blood cells were at 6 when the normal range is 26. All of this in 4 weeks…all of this without a diagnosis. She didn’t know what it was. But this was her educated guess: Bone marrow cancer. Cancer, that scary word. She added “it isn’t uncommon in older cats”. Why?!!!!! How can cancer be common? When did we come to accept this? I know my vet to be a wonderful person and professional, but obviously something is not being said…So I’m going to say it.

If you ask around and you’ll find that most of our beloved pets are dying of some type of cancer. The most common ones are tumors in the stomach. This is not coincidence! Our parents and grandparents’ pets die of old age, not of cancer. Something is going on…something is wrong! Having had randa since I was in College, I didn’t know what I now know, and I fed her whatever I could afford then. Latter, I “upgraded” her food to the “better” name brands…little did I know. It was just about two years ago that I switched to clean-grain free food. But as it turns out it was too late. Could I have saved her and gave her a few more years? Well, I’m not God to know that. I trust Divine timing and I accept that her job as my teacher and angel in this earth was complete. But I have no doubt that she would have me share this lesson with all of my friends that love their furry angels.

I urge you right know to look at the ingredient list on your pet’s food. You’ll find GMO corn, GMO soy, GMO wheat, animal “by-products”, gluten and a list of chemicals that will disgust you. Don’t trust their claims in the front of the package. Read labels! These beautiful beings are being poisoned, we are giving them garbage, we have been betrayed by those name brands that claim to care about them. Feel free to do your own research. I’m by no means an expert but I feel compelled to tell you what I know. Cats and dogs do best on a grain free diet. That is the first switch you should make. And if you have a cat, know that dry food shortens their life spam because they are physiologically prone to dehydration and kidney or liver failure. They thrive on wet food, so get the good stuff, or as I did (not easy for a vegetarian but I loved her that much) buy raw protein like fish (towards the end I got her sashimi each week as a treat – just so I didn’t had to handle the fish myself). If you think this is elitist or a luxury consider my expenses. In less than two months the Veterinary bill is over $1,000 and my baby is gone anyways.  I know you love your pet as much as I did love my “gordita”. I know you want them to live a happy life and that you do not want them to develop Cancer if you can help it.

I’ve not been paid by anyone to tell you this, but in hopes to help you here is the clean food I was giving her : Blue Buffalo dry (I used as treats) and wet, Primal frozen raw food, and I heard that Honest Kitchen base mixes are great (you add the protein of choice – maybe your own food scraps like my parents always did with their dogs!)

I know Randa Guadalupe (Yes, that was her full name and her stage name was “Randa G” 🙂 lived a life full of love. I’m not filled with remorse due to this. I’m forever grateful for having in my life a companion that made the life of an immigrant 20 year old girl, scared and overwhelmed, a much peaceful and comforting one. We laughed, cried, danced and even sang karaoke together!  I’ve been praying to her telling her “Thank you” for loving me just as I am. As A Course in Miracles says “Only the love remains”.  She never asked for a thing….well, maybe to brush her more often, give her a treat and let her play with the bath tup water (crazy habit I know). I see her now as she really is: A bright star, a shining light in my heart, an angel of God, a guide, and the most unconditional love I’ve even known. I love you “mi gordis” wherever you are know I still say to you “Bongiorno Principessa!” every morning.

May your love guide you to better choices.


Coach Maria Maria Marcano


What I learned from losing my pet

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