Fresh green apple packaging in red tapeSo Thanksgiving has come and gone and it is officially Holiday time. At least it is for me…this means more time with friends, cooler weather,  tasty food, happy music, fond memories, maybe a little of nostalgia…in general inspiring things. But I’m also seeing the yoga classes shrinking in size and by looking at the comments of “I ate too much” “I’m stressed” “I’m getting sick” and so forth in social media, the end of the year may not be looking as good to many. It is like 2016 is not over yet but we’ve already given up on it. Why would you miss the ending of a very interesting movie?
I have few theories on why this happens. One is that this is a pattern in your life already. Maybe you eat clean and exercise during the week and “cheat” and forget it all during the weekend. This is can be a sign that you think your life cannot be full & happy by simply taking care of yourself…maybe you have a self limiting belief that a wholesome lifestyle is a hardship…and only “pleasure” as you define it (eating, shopping, etc) makes you feel good. The other one could be that you have convinced yourself that being sensible and responsible is boring. Both are things you learnt from your environment, because this society insist that you act like an eternal teenager, at the expense of your happiness and health.  You refusing to be an adult means that your soul cannot evolve…A Course in Miracles say that you pay a very high price by not taking responsibility for your own experience . That stagnant energy spells unhappiness in every book.

My last idea is that you continue to self-sabotage yourself to prove a point. This point is very hurtful: “You are not good enough”. This is engraved in your mind, and those thoughts direct your actions. Again, this is just a thought, one that you adopted along the way, and just so you know it is The most popular thought around these days. In this consumer driven society that teaches that you’ll be good enough ONLY when you get that job, when you loose a few pounds, when you find Mr. right and buy the car or the house, self sabotaging is almost encouraged.

Well guess what? I’m not going to stand for it. Why should you? 2016 is not over! Neither are you…You know that every moment counts, so let’s do something together. We are going to make each day of 2016 shine because time is precious.  We are going to end this year with a bang! and that will propel you into a beautiful 2017 free of guilt. This is how you’ll start seeing that your self limiting believes are wrong. So we’ll get you in a good mood, stressing less, minding your expenses, eating better and skipping that ugly cold that comes around each season!

We’ll start with one simple exercise and I promise to give you many tools this month to stay on track. The first homework is this: Make a list of all the good things 2016 gave you. Write down all the happy moments, new friends, professional achievements, things you learnt, places you went to, and so forth. This is a gratitude list so you can start flexing your positive thinking muscles. Once you finish this consider sharing it with someone you love and make a commitment to end the year on a high note. I will help you do so, you just need to stay in that vibration. Sounds good? Let’s finish strong, don’t waste a second of this precious year that has been such a powerful shaker and awakening one. I’ll be with you all the way. Stay tuned!


Coach Maria Marcano

But the year isn’t over yet!

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