As I write this article I’m doing and leading a beautiful cleanse with a group that started on the new moon, and I have to tell you this has been quite the ride. I’ve done this transformation cleanse many times, but never so focused on the subtle body. What does that mean? Well, I’m used to cleansing my physical body, my digestive system and other supporting organs, I enjoy the feeling of getting a nice “scrub to my insides” sort of speak. I love the look of my skin and my clarity of mind each time I do it and that is why I share with so much passion. But this time I decided to add another layer: a meditative, self study opportunity and then… Oh boy! The election happen. This has been a real scrubbing of the soul!

So… life had more in store for me! I planned this cleanse to end the very day of the presidential election. I actually never considered that anything would happen, but of course Spirit did.  I’m coming clean today and I’m going to let the chips fall where they may. The big lesson for me in this cleanse has been “When I think I’m in a calm space, focusing on my healing  – I’m most likely to receive a test”. During this 10 days my entire idea of what I do as a coach started to crumble, and on the last day, it closed with a shattering test. What does someone like me do in moments like this? Well, I decided to let it fall into pieces.  I stand in a ruin called “Maria’s past idea of her role in life”

Have you experienced this? Have you felt that everything is falling apart  and you are surrounded by ruins? I know you have. We all have…but what do you do about it? This is what I want to help you and help myself do. I am in awe of all the disorganized pieces left in front of me, like when you break up with someone, it is hard to know where to begin and it is very tempting to look the other way and pretend you can make the old pieces work again. I’m here to tell you you cannot pretend it did not happen. It happened, and it happened FOR YOU not to you. Maybe your candidate of choice lost, a relationship ended, or you are unhappy with your job. Maybe your doctor gave you “bad news” about your health, perhaps you simply feel anxious and stressed over an ongoing situation or your living and financial reality is shaky…these are good examples of the ruins we face. But let me tell you something…this can be a miraculous moment too! And that’s what I’m looking for.

I began this cleanse with the new moon and in the fall season because this is perfect timing for letting go. Trees let their leaves fall and bare it all, and so can we. The cherry on top of this mess was unplanned, but election day happened. Do you feel that way? What is meant to “decay” will continue falling and you cannot help it. It is a natural cycle. I invite you to be honest and consider if you are looking at it, with love and clear focus, not pointing fingers or avoiding the mess, but looking at it with willingness to clean it up. I invite you to clean it up with gratitude. Gratitude is the magic potion that transforms ruin into a building site. What do you think you should build next?! Where did you play it small? How can you step it up?

I am not sure if I’m going to be more involved in certain causes the are important to me, or “rebranding” my coaching… Maybe I’ll be changing my programs or adding and subtracting practices & projects. I’m still in the vibration of the rumble and falling apart…But I know one thing, and it is what I’m practicing now: I’ve surrendered it all and I will let it fall while I say thanks. This is not giving up, but gaining help from the highest source. I am finishing my cleanse by simply being willing to throw away what no longer resonates with my work and waiting for the new chapter to be handed to me. I do the same as a member of this society considering that some of my actions on inactions need a divine adjusting so I can really be in tune with what matters to me.  But for this to happen I must do the inner looking, the cleaning and the tossing. And so must you. Where there is a mess right now, there can be something beautiful tomorrow. So let it fall apart if it may, and then clean up. In a few months Spring will come and you’ll see it all from another perspective. The blue print to my new coaching practice and to my role as a citizen will be downloaded when I drag this old file to the “trash”. Yes, it is hard and simple at them same time! I’m sad but also determined to be 100% there for what it’ll come my way. I hope to count on you too my friend. Stay tuned – don’t disengage now!

When it all falls apart….

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