cravings-705673_1280It has been a busy day, or a boring one, or a lonely one…it just has been one of those days…

Suddenly you want to eat, but you are not hungry. Not really, you want to eat but your body is not sending hunger signals that tell you is time for a proper meal. This is different, it feels like an itch, like you want  to crawl outside your skin or run away to a better place, a place where you feel beautiful, safe, appreciated or in control of the situation…Enter your drug of choice: Food.

Drug? Why oh why Maria do you have to go there?! I’m not an addict! If I wanted to stop eating cookies I would, if I decided to quit the Mocha lates, the peanut butter cupcake or the night time ice cream ritual I would. But it makes me feel good and I deserve to feel good. Is that what “that voice” is telling you? Yes, you deserve to feel good. But this is not it, and you know it.  The truth is that you have been through it all:  diets, detoxes, pills and it has not worked. When you get a craving is like a mad person has taken over the control panel in your brain and you cannot use reason. In that moment you run 100% on emotional impulse, and if things go far enough you find yourself binging. It freaking sucks! Why?! If you were doing so good! And then the same mad person makes you feel like a loser for not controlling yourself….What in the world is this voice!!!??? And why does it hate you?

That voice is years of programing, it is your core belief and more than anything a pile of decades old FEAR that for some reason you have not been able to digest (not pun intended). That voice is your ego mind, which seems big and scary, but it is simply a fraction of your mind. It has an ability to get a hold of you because you are easy to get a hold off. Basically you are walking around with a bunch of handles…some are your ex, some are your parents, some are your job, your childhood, and so on and so forth. If you what to break free is time to drop the handles.  But how do you do that?

This is what my support group on food and spirituality is about. It is not a program on food, cooking, dieting or exercising. This is a practical mind training course. A course based on universal spiritual principles using concepts from A course in Miracles and other spiritual teachings to debunk the cause of unhealthy eating and unhealthy self image. This is a program on emotional intelligence and on mindfulness. It is a practical course, not a lecture based class. After it, your life will change, because your mind will change. This is  a course on FOOD AND MIRACLES

In your heart you know that the cause of your poor decisions, your self sabotage, compulsion and self pity and loading is not external. The root is in the way you think.  No cookbook, exercise program or class will teach you what you are programed to know in your heart or hearts. But you have buried this wisdom over the years under memories and old programming and now don’t seem to be able to get ahead, no matter how hard you try. You are hungry yes, but your hunger will never be filled with food, drinks, or even entertainment . You are hungry for LOVE and only Love (with a capital L)  will satisfied you.

This group will meet once a week for 7 weeks and includes online support forum, practical homework and email access to my coaching. This is a support group, a mindfulness course and a coaching program all in one!

We start on May 25th and Early bird pricing ends Tomorrow May 18th. Please go to my website to learn more and let me know if you are interested. Space is limited and we start in a week

PS: If you want to do this don’t hesitate. Don’t wait to find time. Make time! (Plus Take advantage of the early bird registration!)


Spiritual anatomy of a craving

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