Praise to the most wonderful people in the world (after mom & dad of course): My clients! 

The other day I was talking to a friend, who happened to be in the “client chair” with me a few years back and I told her I was feeling a bit low because I want to reach & help more people and sometimes I just wish I could be more efficient. She told me “stop that thought right there! Think about all the people who’s lives you have changed forever. Think of me!”…At that very moment I caught my own “stinking thinking”.  I don’t know what I would do without my friends, she sensed a pity party coming and she said. Hell No! 🙂

Her story, like that of many of my clients, is surrounded by diagnosis, medications, frustration, confusion and a lot of “labeling”. People come to me with an encyclopedia of terms they’ve been given: syndroms, disorders, chronic this & that etc.  I am not a doctor, I don’t diagnose people. That is not my area of expertise nor my calling in life. But as I coach I can tell you that these labels are not permanent most of the time. They are just tools doctors use to navigate their way, and prescribe you what they have been taught will help you.

But my clients don’t want another prescription, They want to feel empowered. My clients have tried it all, they still believe somewhat in allopathic medicine but they understand it is not a panacea. Don’t get me wrong, if I’m in a car accident, I want the best surgeon, but that is not the case with my clients. They don’t need to be stitched up, numbed or any of that. They need to overcome an obstruction to the otherwise perfect functioning of their body. And in this case the obstructors are processed food, sugar, toxins, stress, emotional eating, fear and yo-yo dieting habits to name a few.

My clients said “Enough already!” They understand that googling all the research, following all the fun people with recipes in facebook and youtube or watching Dr. Oz is not going to give them a guided, smart and practical answer. They know when to ask for help, but not the  “you have this, now take that” prescriptive type of help. They want to know the why, the how, and they want to feel the power that you can only experience when you decide to take your life back. My clients are Badass warriors!

In less than one week I’m guiding a group of warriors through the most amazing adventure. Imagine the synergy of this! PLUS it is all online so you don’t have to add more to your agenda.  I get the chills thinking about it! I love this work so much & this is how I get to reach many, many more and in turn create a community that heals me back with their examples of courage and curioisity . You can join us too and I pray that you do so, because this program is going to be EPIC!

Learn more about the BEST YOU Summer Program HERE

And if you don’t believe me hear it from some of my past warriors (many who are doing this again because they learnt that we all need a deep clean & tune up once or twice a year). This is what they say about my groups:

“…I was taking medication to control what doctor’s back home called Insulin Resistance syndrome. It is hard to explain but it pretty much means that when the pancreas produces insulin, (the hormone in charge of inputting glucose in every cell of the body and turning it into energy) my body is not responsive to it hence, not using the glucose properly. I knew I had to reduce the intake of sugars, bad fats, and carbohydrates in order to not make it worst and potentially become diabetic in the future.

So, I decided to take a different route and try to control this medical condition through radical healthy eating; therefore, I decided to do Maria’s cleanse. After the cleanse program, I did the tests I always do to monitor this condition (glucose tolerance curve) and the results were astonishing! My doctor back home was marveled at the way I had taken care of my diet and the results I had gotten. He decided I could be off the medication as long as I kept eating clean and doing periodical tests.

I cannot thank Maria enough for her guidance and for creating such well-thought and loving programs.I feel so empower now and reassured that my health is in my hands and through clean eating, I can heal myself.”

“Well, what an ‘eyeopener’ this has been..thank you its been a great experience for me.  After the cleanse – I’m actually not sure which ‘phase’ I’m in… because I haven’t gone back to the way I was eating at all… my body feels great. I’ve cut caffeine in the form of coffee and diet coke out and don’t think I will let it back in, I’ve cut out breads, pastas…the only thing I am eating is vegetables, salads, and fruit…some chicken and fish… I’ve managed to lose 5 or so pounds which I am very happy about as well…”

“Going through a transformation with Maria is about more than loosing weight. Loosing weight is the byproduct of learning about the foods that harm you and which foods heal. It is also about revamping your relationship with food and transcending the believe that only junk food is delicious or the “I would never be able to give up…” mindset. The best  thing about it is that Maria is with you every step of the way, I never felt alone on my journey to better health. I am forever grateful”

Still not sure about why you would want to join us? I’m going to let the Jungle Book, one of my favorite movies, answer this one for me “For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack” . Believe me, together is better 🙂

To learn more and register go HERE 

And if you have questions just leave me and let’s get talking love. Don’t wait for your life to start some day, start it now (and make new friends)

Coach Maria Marcano

How I’m celebrating YOU!

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