Food and Miracles: A Guided Group on Food, Self Image and Spirituality 

Have you ever wondered why you don’t do what you know you “should” do when ir comes to food? Do you struggle with willpower, discipline and feel that there is something others have that you don’t? Are you aware that this is more than a weight issue or an eating and a taste preference thing? Do you sometimes feel that you love food more than you love yourself? If so, this is your path to transforming beyond food to dive into the cause level of this behavior.

This is a course on Spirituality, self image and food based on my interpretation of A Course in Miracles, yoga and other practical spiritual paths. In it we will focus on the real reasons for your eating patterns and low self esteem, and together we’ll dismantle the old order that keeps you stuck.

All your decisions are either guided by your higher mind, your internal guide or your ego mind, fear and old mental pre-sets. This program is geared towards helping you see for yourself the forces at play, become emotionally mature and invite the only real solution – Love.

  • (6) 2-hour coaching, practice and lecture sessions. Meetings once a week.
  • Weekly email support.
  • Unlimited social media support (moderated virtual group community)
  • Buddy accountability support system
  • Practical self study and mindful activities to work in between sessions
  • Self care and self image coaching
  • Conscious breathing and meditation coaching
  • Lectures on mental resilience and emotional intelligence as they relate to food & self image
  • Self-study practices, stress management, self-love and wellness handouts and materials
  • *Graduation Day Retreat (optional 7th day /additional cost applies)

Note: Specific reading material is not required but highly recommended (books not included in program cost)

Next Group Starts on September 2017.

The Investment on the program is $270 – early bird registration $230  (Payment plan available)

More details coming soon!

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