“A miracle is a change in perception”
~ A Course in Miracles

I believe in miracles. Do you?  The fact that you were born is a miracle. Your very existence is as improbable as the most magical story you ever heard. This planet with the perfect conditions for your survival is a miracle. Every bud that opens to be a flower is a miracle and every caterpillar that becomes a butterfly is another one…we are surrounded by miracles!

A Course of Miracles says that “Miracles occur naturally”. They are part of the natural order of things…and guess what? They don’t depend on you. You don’t have to make miracles happen, but what you have to do is let them happen, welcome them, let them in to your reality. That is the function of a miracle worker.

If you as much as suspect that this can be true, then you are ready for this message. Your poor health, your weight issues, your poor self esteem, your stressed out life and everything in between have already been addressed and transformed. Yes, every problem has a solution, hanging over your head…but your mind will not let it in. It is like you are walking around with an “Anti-miracle helmet” . This helmet is made of all the insane, repetitive and useless thoughts you have every minute. How can you download anything if you have no memory space for it? Your mind-body is the perfect computer, but it lacks REAL information. That is what I call spiritual and mental transformation. A miracle.

The more I work with people, the more I realize your eating choices have nothing to do with will power, but all to do with what you think you are, what you think your role in the world is and how you view the word and people around you…If you get that working for you then food transforms into what it really is: Something you put in your body to fuel it and carry on with the very important task of being you.

How do you even get to that point? Well, for starters recognize the helmet, looking fiercely at what is made of (fears, past experiences, judgement, separation ideas, hurt, etc.). But this process requires bravery and perseverance, and that is why I recommend you do it with someone that cares about you and has been through it too. That person my friend is yours truly. As I write this email I’m developing a new program, a new system in ways…a miraculous tool to approach what after years of coaching I recognize to be a spiritual problem, not so much a physiological one.  A Course in food and miracles 🙂

This is not a departure from what I’ve been doing, but an honest embracing of it. Yes, eating is part of the deal, but that is one symptom…and although I will continue to use what I believe to be the best and highest vibrating foods to remove the symptoms, I will not be coaching anyone looking for a diet, a meal plan, a recipe guide or a shopping list without getting real. There it is, I said it.

Food is not love, food is not a pain-killing pill, food isn’t even a thing for pleasure or escape. Only Love can alleviate your pain, give you the strength to face your fears and free you from your mental illusions. So if you are ready to stop using food as a DemiGod, face your “stinking thinking”and remove the helmet  blocking your miracles, welcome to this project. Expect Miracles!

Coach Maria Marcano
PS: I will be rolling this program in the Spring but you do not have to wait to start working with me. Simply reply to this email to learn more about my online programs and to schedule an initial 30 minute session for free.

I’ll give you a miracle for that thought…

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