I recently hosted a wonderful livestream with a colleague on the topic of “ The art of simple living” and the response was fantastic. We can all agree that we live in fast and quite complicated times, but we need not to subscribe to this mentality in our own homes. I’m not talking about living like Quakers, but letting go of unnecessary complications. We must take a stand to defend our need for simplicity, for healthy rhythms and wholesome foods. But how does one begin to do this with the “outside world” pressures and responsibilities? Well, I will give you 5 simple but very powerful tools, some pretty well known, others completely revolutionary

  1. Make the mornings count. Studies show that to improve sleep it is more important to wake up at a similar time than go to bed at the same time. So don’t skip the alarm. If you need more “zzz” try your best to squeeze a nap instead. Once you are in a rhythm add a 5-minute bedside meditation. Nothing fancy. Just count your breaths starting at 50 going down to 1. If you loose the count start again until the 5 minutes go by. You can also use the words “thank you” as a mantra, repeating it with each breath.
  2. Create a Not To Do List. Yes, we love our to do list so much that we need a “Not to do” one. Think about 3 to 4 things you know are a waste of your time and energy. My friend’s list included “never say yes on the spot” and my list includes “ never work on Sundays”. You want to avoid time black holes like social media and TV, but also behaviors that make you overcommit, obsess over small things or go way out of your way when it is not necessary.
  3. Have a fast food back up. Yes fast food! But not the kind you get from a greasy drive thru or the grocery’s frozen section. Most busy, successful and healthy people will tell you this: You need concentrated plant based nutrition to support the needs of a busy lifestyle and to make up for what you simply don’t have the time to cook or eat (your choice: 1 lb. of spinach and spouted mung beans or a serving of spirulina) The line I use and recommend to all my clients is called Purium ( It is Organic, non-GMO, free of fillers and binders, made in the US in a certified organic facility and they deliver it to your home. No time for breakfast? Have a green Power Shake. Need a mid-day snack or energy to exercise? try the Super aminos 23. Post workout or late night hunger? add the gluten free fiber blend. This is the new convenience food! Pack water, your superfood & go. (Email me for a $50 gift card to try it)
  4. Learn to say “No”. This one has been hard for me; but I finally found a way to stop diluting myself by saying no with Love. Here is my technique. Just as my friend noted, I never say yes on the spot. I say things like “ I need to check my calendar” or “ I will let you know on X day”. If I don’t feel 100% motivated, engaged or simply I don’t have time for it, I pass on it. But before I say no I meditate and send the person who invited me and the project or event all my love and well wishes. In my mind I thank my friend and say no with love in form of rays of light. That way when I say it in the tridimensional world it is already registered and welcomed. Also, I don’t add explanations unless asked. I just say “No, thank you” followed by a complement on their thoughtfulness.
  5. Ask for help. You know this one. But are you doing it? Why not? Who are you trying to impress? And more importantly: How is it working out for you? Not asking for help is selfish. There are people in your life that would love to actively show you their love and kindness. Plus, your relationships will improve as you learn to trust others and show them that you think of them as useful part of your circle. Ask for help with one thing every day. Make it a habit. And make sure you thank people as often as you can too.

Put these tips to use right away. Start with one, and then keep adding more once you create a habit. My suggestion is to pick the one you least want to do…why? Because the greatest opportunity for growth is in that resistance field. If you need help, please contact me. Consider that a practical application of tip number 5 “Ask for help”. Embrace a “new way” of simple living and see how your mind, your body and your spirit expand.


How to live a simple life in fast times

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