“Stop the glorification of busy” ~Unknown

I get it, you are busy, I’m busy, we are all busy…but to what cost? and how much of it is self-created? I’m not saying this to negate that these are fast times and that we have more to do than we did before, but I’m going to be honest: Much of it is meaningless, self-sabotaging and poor-organization-created busyness. We don’t do it because we want to be busy, we do it because we have been taught that our worth is tied to how much we do…with little to no emphasis on the meaning of it or how we do it.

This comes up in my coaching  sessions all the time. Clients leave  committed to taking action (Because that is what coaching is about…getting clear about your blockages and taking a step towards releasing them or learning new ways) But when we meet again I often hear the words “I was busy” or “I didn’t have time”. You’d think this would upset me, but it doesn’t …it makes me more compassionate and at the same time it motivates me to try something else. Without telling you what to do I’m going to shine a light on this subject right now using my personal experience. At age 22 I was a immigrant without any family support or financial “rescue net” in this country. I had two full time jobs because I was determined to go to college. And I did. I paid may way to college paying out of state tuition (that was at the time about $1,000 per class) on a waitress income. I was at the same time paying an attorney to help me with my documents and lived in a crowded apartment with 3 roommates. I did my own cooking, cleaning, laundry…the works. I did it all, I was very busy…Very busy! But I had a WHY more powerful than anything in the world. I wanted my American dream, I wanted to get a degree, I wanted to show to my parents that I was not crazy for coming here alone. I wanted to stop waiting tables, (not that is not a perfectly decent job) I wanted to see the world and have financial stability. I knew very well what I wanted.

Why do I tell you this? Because with two jobs I could have said “I was too busy” or “I have no time”. That in reality was just a scapegoat to the real believes which would have been “I can’t do it” , “I’m not good enough” or “what is the point anyways?”….See?  time is never The issue. It is an excuse to avoid the real issue. This real issue has different looks but is merely fear of change. Because I wanted to change my circumstances so fiercely I went pass that fear, not that I didn’t cry and wish I had a normal college life, not that I didn’t wish I could ask my parents for help or go on vacation instead of working more during the summer or spring break…I did had all those feelings, but my hope and dreams where bigger and I fed them every day. How? I talked to my family often, I prayed, I surrounded myself with positive people, I read inspiring books, I found good mentors…I did not “Kill Time” I knew how precious it was (and still do). And my WHY happened. I knew that intensity was temporary…and more importantly, I was not empty busy, I was inspired into action. I did not distracted myself from the experience, when it was hard, I felt it, when I had to rest I figured ways to do it, when I wanted to cry I allowed myself to do it, if I needed helped I yelled for it and when I needed to let go I hanged with friends or went to the beach…I was not just outwardly-busy. I was deep in it, being transformed.

So today I want to invite you to GET REAL WITH YOUR WHY. Why do you even read my emails? Why do you care to learn more about healthy and mindful living? But more importantly, why do you stop at reading and dreaming – if that is your case- and don’t take action? . It is not just time. It never is. I write my blog and newsletter with the hopes to feed your dream, like I did a long time ago with mine. And now I’m offering you an even better way.  I’m not denying that these times are fast . I’m acknowledging it by emphasizing the need for a better way to cope with them. This way is coaching, this is yoga and meditation, this is conscious breathing.  Times have changed and you must change the way you operate too. I am changing the way I operate as well, and I think it will benefit many. How? Well, for starters I know that in person one-on-one coaching may be hard to squeeze for many, but that doesn’t mean it is out of reach. All of you can now work with me from ANYWHERE. All my coaching and Personal yoga instruction it is now available 100% online. No traffic, no travel time, or leaving work early, no babysitter either, not even having to dress nice :). Just one call, in a quiet space, hopefully in your own home (even if the bathroom or garage is the only quiet place you find) You can begin to CHANGE…with a guide, with a system and with hope.

Are you in? What is it going to be? Watching TV when you get home  OR plugging into a source of motivation? Spending time on social media OR spending time learning to repair your existing relationships? Making another doctor appointment because you are sick OR learning how to live a healthier and resilient live? Spending another sleepless night and eating emotionally OR using new tools to manage anxiety and stress?  It is your time…your one hour a week, your call. You get the same amount of hours I do. I’m here just wondering… Are you going to respond to your WHY?


Coach Maria Marcano
PS: Simply email me at ommywellness@gmail.com to learn more about my online programs and to schedule an initial 30 minute session for free.

Stop the glorification of busy

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