“No disease, including cancer can exist in an alkaline environment”

Dr. Otto Warburg, 1939 Nobel Price for discovery of cancer

I always wondered what made some people think vegetables taste horrible when some others enjoyed them. My initial conclusion was the same as many of you: other people simply didn’t learn because their parents didn’t give them vegetables when growing up. That is partly true. But what if I told you that there is a chemistry issue that makes spinach taste good to some and disgusting to others?

Don’t worry I’m not going to go all scientific on you now. But I want to share this fact because many of my clients think there is something wrong with them. It is easy to think that you are simply not designed to be healthy or that others have more willpower than you. The good news is that that is not completely true. One of the reasons why you don’t love green drinks, salads, and other foods and veggies is because you have an acidic palate.

Acidity refers to the PH of a substance or environment. In this case we are focusing on your mouth, your taste buds tongue, etc. If you have not heard, your body is at optimum health when slightly in the alkaline PH side of the scale. In fact, it works very hard to stay there because if your blood were to go too acidic, you would not survive. But the issue is that this is not natural. You were designed to eat foods that would do that for your body, not to force your system into emergency acidic mode all the time. The foods that do that are known as alkaline foods. The lack of alkaline factors in your diet have created an environment in your mouth that is acidic and it reacts negatively to the presence of natural, fresh, nourishing foods. That, and your mindset fed by the false idea that healthy food is bad tasting, makes you reject what is good for you.

How can you fix this? Easily by training your tastebuds! Your tastebuds change every few days. Literally, you can help change your taste preference by helping your body create new tastebuds that are alkaline food friendly. Follow these easy steps and see it happen in about a a week:

  • Drink 4 to 6 ounces a green juice daily on an empty stomach and swish it in your mouth like you do with mouthwash. You should swallow it too of course. Make it as cold as possible to help you with the taste (cold numbs your tastebuds)
  • Drink 5 -7 glasses of room temperature water with lemon juice during the day
  • Try oil pulling every morning: Using 1 -2 spoons coconut or sesame oil, swish in your mouth for up to 3 minutes (make sure to spit in toilet not to clog your sink)
  • Scrape your tongue after brushing your teeth. I recommend a stainless still tongue scraper (available at health stores or online)

Do this every day for a week or so and start introducing fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. Notice the difference in their taste as your mouth chemistry changes .  Make sure that some of these suggestions become daily habits tough; remember that as your tastebuds changed for the good they can revert. You must continue the routine of the green juice and a lot of water as a minimum not to go back to the acidic  taste of before 😉 . The other two can happen a few times a week. Consider it your “mouth work out”

I hope this help you in your journey. I also want to offer you a simple way to get that green drink in your system without the juicing or blending hassle. Click HERE to see the organic green drink I take every morning. It tastes great because it also has apples and berries! If you want to give it a try write me back and I’ll mail you a sample and a gift card to test it out 🙂

Share this with your picky eater friends and let’s embrace a new way of eating!


Coach Maria Marcano

Train your taste buds to like healthy foods

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