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How many times do you hear people say “I’m busy”? Even better how many times do you say it?

I know we all are very busy compared to times past, but could we be addicted to being busy?

I see people all the time that complain about how busy their lives are, and I love it! Why? Because I get to dismantle that very pattern and belief. I too was a person that identified myself with my “busyness” . Being busy in this society means that you matter, you are going to places, doing things, you’re needed and we crave that  – for all the wrong reasons. But if you are busy you also have the perfect excuse not to do the things that really matter, from which the number one would be being alone with yourself, facing your role in the various messes you have going on.

You can ONLY stop being busy be deciding that you don’t NEED to be busy and accepting that your busyness is for the most part self created. I don’t care how much yoga you do, how much you meditate or how many self help books you read. If your self value is tied to what you do and how much of it you do, you will always do more, and more and more…until you crash or until you hate your life.

On the other hand, if you are keeping busy to avoid yourself, not only will you keep saying yes to all, over committing and smothering others with your controlling ways (yes people actually like to do things if you let them); you will feel completely disconnected with your own needs and most of the decisions you make will not be good for you. Plus you are going to grow anxious because no matter how busy you are you can’t never escape from your SELF.

How do you fix this? The simplest way is to do something for you that has nothing to do with work or pleasing others. That means acting from self love everyday.

You know exactly what that is for you: exercising, resting, eating clean, you name it. The name of the game is loving ACTION. This is not busy action, this is nurturing and self affirming action, and for that reason it does not make you feel like you are suffering. The trick is that you have to decide that for yourself. The decision is to be willing to belief that time spend on self care and your wellbeing is not busy time. I will suggest that you view it as SACRED time.

Yes, sacred time. Because your life is a sacred gift not to be wasted in frivolous and repetitive motions. It is sacred because when you act out of self love, you give others permission to see you with love & respect too (instead of as a machine). And because in those actions, when approached as a prayer there will be a silence that can be filled by spirit.

Decide today what you are going to let go off and replace with loving action. What will that loving action will be? Put it in your calendar and respect it like you would a business appointment or a spiritual retreat. Need help with accountability? That is what coaching makes a huge difference. Below is a very powerful example of how someone very busy took action using my Stress free clean cooking club.  It shows that intentional and loving action beats the chasing of the clock “doing things” . If you decide that you are done being busy you can overcome that pattern. Most of it is lack of organization and believes alone. These things gets sorted out in coaching sessions. It isn’t the outer circumstances that keep you busy, it is your view of the world and your adherence to  a mindset stuck in constant movement without a good anchor. Busyness and a scattered mind is your precious energy put to poor use.

“A few months ago, I decided to utilize Maria’s incredibly simple, delicious, and convenient recipes and meal plans. I already had the pleasure of being one of her clients, so I knew I was in good hands. I trusted her knowledge and her guidance completely. The result was a wealth of amazing, flavorful dishes that were super-easy to prepare! I am a caregiver to an elderly parent and work a full-time job. Maria’s helpful recipes took the stress out of trying to figure out what to eat and ever since I feel less sluggish and more confident in the kitchen!”

Wan to get your energy to reshape and focus? Book your FREE exploration session with me to see how we can do it. Or if you are ready to do it in a group setting jump to my online Stress free cooking mentorship group. Don’t say you are too busy for coaching, that is an affirmation of self neglect…Choose love instead. You always, always, always have that choice.

Coach Maria Marcano

Stressing & being busy stops when this happens

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