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Are you struggling to make healthy meals?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with planning what to cook or even finding recipes on the internet?

Are you craving healthy foods, but you just don’t have time to map out your meals?

Are you confused about time management, food shopping or finding practices to help coping with stress?


Do you feel defeated on your efforts to create a more balanced life?

This is where I come in.

I believe in clean eating. I believe in eating foods in their most natural state, because I know once you do that, you won’t have to count calories. Imagine how delicious of a life this can be?

I don’t believe in hustling. Yes, I said it! Forget that push and shovel idea that wrecks our minds, makes us old, tired and unhappy.  I tell you what I believe in: Having a simple system, following it with love and trusting spirit with the outcome

A healthy relationship will never exist between my clients and their plates if they are living with fear around food and cooking. Or, if they are labeling food choices as good or evil, or if they are generally not enjoying themselves and feeling energized and radiant. The secret to living an empowered life is knowing what works for you, having a plan and putting the plan to work for YOU. That is it! We don’t want to compete in Top Chef, we just want to get a handle on our daily food intake while actually enjoying life and what we eat. Can I get a Kale yeah?!

If you are ready to ditch frozen or “convenient” diet food, look at cooking in a new way and learn my secrets to looking and feeling fabulous not matter how busy you are, then you are in the right place.

This Club is for the honest people out there, specially my hard working professional sisters and tireless mommas ready to stop wearing that all too heavy she-hero cape. I was there, and let me tell you, burnout isn’t fun nor sexy. Plus overwhelm will push you to eating without using your gifted mind and soul.

I’m welcoming with open arms all those that are sick and tired of being “hangry”, eating frozen food or giving your money away to restaurants, that no matter how healthy they look, are just breaking your bank and not giving you good enough food.   If you are with me, I am thrilled to have you as a member of this burnout-free gang!


DIY Month to month OR Monthly auto membership (to save & get more perks!)

Yes, sign me up for The DIY cooking guide of the month only $25 dollars

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Let me say it again: This group and all the menu plans are simple

I’m a crusader against complicating things, overwhelming ourselves with too much too soon and even worst, spending too much time doing things that aren’t aligned with what matters to us.

What matters most to you?

Your wellbeing and that of your loved ones?

Being around to enjoy time with friends and family and actually having the energy to do it?

Finding empowerment around food, self-image and health?

Freeing yourself from never ending food choices and kitchen to do lists?

Feeling a calm sense of peace after each meal knowing you did your best?

Resting more and not feeling guilty about it?

Opening time for mindfulness, spirituality and a higher connection?

Looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing someone you like?

Stop using the excuse “I’m too busy” for things you want in life (like better health)? 

I know all these things matter to me, and they matter to most people. Believe me, most of these things are influenced by how you eat and how you relate to taking care of yourself and your family with each thought, each daily routine and each bite.

You know deep down that the relationship with food is one of the most important you’ll ever have. And we both know it can be scary, overwhelming and confusing out there!  I get it, and that is why my focus is people that are fed up with dieting, tossing money on bad food and suffering from the guilt, stress, low energy & constant cravings that come as a result.


I am a recovered survivor of this modern lifestyle that “glorifies busyness”, and that has made me a loving no-non-sense coach.

How do you know that I get 100% how it is like to be you?

Years ago I was a 33 year old successful corporate professional, caught up in the rat race. I lived in stilettos and a suit, kind of looking good after all the make up. I was hangry, caffeinated and I needed a glass of wine at night to be able to go to bed. How did this end up? Completely burnout! My own hormonal mess, with a side of adrenal & gut Armageddon. Get the pic? I know how it feels like…and I got your back love. 

This Club is all about giving you what you need:

Easy, tasty and healthy recipes – All gluten free, dairy free and plant focused. Just the way I cook for myself!

Done for you cooking schedules, so you can see your weekly prep at a glance

A cooking plan made for busy people, so you don’t have to slave cooking for hours

Ready to use grocery list, that is easily broken down by week

Personal Online Coaching Option

Special Pricing on Group Programs and Online Classes just for the Club members.

Plus all the love, support and accountability you know I always pour in all I do!


Take charge and let me show you the way. This is about WHAT WORKS IN REAL LIFE! This is about keeping it CLEAN and SIMPLE!

You are busy. I am busy. We all live a busy life. But we are never too busy to take time to love, recharge, and refuel. When you do this, you turn back the clock. You feel and look amazing. My clients have experienced awesome results, like weight loss, better sleep, more energy, hormonal balance, better mood, clearer skin, improved sleep and more mental clarity. But the number one result is – Empowerment! 

If you are reading this and are wondering what it would be like to get the whole food planning taken care of then get ready because TODAY is the day to START. This Club is for real people living in this crazy world, but it is also for real people that know it doesn’t have to be like that….people that know a system can be the key.

Simple & wholesome food can be done at any time no matter how busy you are. Let’s bring your body back into balance.

You are going to shine!

Would you LOVE to have your food prep planned & receive lifestyle-coaching support at a group price? INCLUDING:

  • Healthy meals
  • Easy to prep
  • Easy to make
  • Easy to plan your life when you are time deficient
  • Discounts for group programs
  • Plus the option to receive individual coaching for education and support specifically related to gaining more energy, overcoming burnout and stress, creating sustainable order in your life (not dogmatic to do lists!) ALL WHILE nurturing the adrenals, gut and thyroid holistically.

Let’s do This!!! You have 2 options to join:

DIY Month to Month 

$25 per month

Access to recipe plans for the current month

10% Discount on Online Individual Coaching Sessions

Stress Free Monthly Mentorship 

$120 Auto-payment each month

Access to recipe plans for the current month

One 1- hour online individual coaching session per month

15% of Coach Maria Online Seasonal Programs & Master Classes while I’m a member

You don’t have to do it alone! and there is no need to get overwhelmed! 


I have created a plan for you and all you have to do is say yes to your healthy success.

One amazing recipe guide with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner plus one dessert.

No one is going hungry on my watch because I hate deprivation!!

And, I’m gifting you time, peace of mind and better health as a side bonus

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PLUS you can be part of life-changing individual online coaching coaching where I’ll give you more support and tips to include self care, mindfulness, stress and management ideas, shopping tips, and more!

Want more? You got it! You will have access discounts on my Seasonal Programs and Master Classes

Sign up and let me help YOU to eat healthy without the overwhelm of looking for recipes or planning your meals.

It takes one Simple Choice

DIY Month to Month

$25 Auto-payment per month

Access to recipe plans for the current month

10% Discount on online Individual coaching sessions


Stress Free Monthly Mentorship

$120 Auto-payment each month

Access to recipe plans for the current month

One 1- hour online individual coaching session per month

15% of Coach Maria Online Seasonal Programs & Master Classes while I’m a member


Let me take the stress out of healthy eating.


Easy as 1-2-3. 

Here’s what my clients are saying about  my coaching and my recipes! 

“I have been working with Maria for a couple months. Already I can tell that I have more REAL energy. My balance, strength, focus and flexibility have all improved. I am calmer now and my thoughts are clearer. I feel amazing. Thank you so much Maria”


“The best way to describe my experience is that this program itself was truly a Miracle! I learned how to pray to deal with many of my difficulties in life, not only food. Maria taught me that something as simple as taking 3mins to breath every morning, will make a huge difference in my daily life. The bigger Miracle is that the food part just happened, my appetite got smaller, I was choosing healthier foods, and my fridge was full instead of me going out to eat for every meal”
“Maria at Om My Wellness has given both myself, my husband, and even entire family a fresh and inspired way to adjust our diet. Meeting us with kindness and wisdom, she’s inspired us to create change in our lives to help us feel healthier and hopefully a longer life through the way we feel what’s on our plate and how it fuels our bodies, mind, and spirit. A genuine coach and friend, thank you.”

About me….


I trained in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the Kripalu Tradition of Yoga and Health. I’ve applied myself to the study of nutritional theories, yoga & mindfulness using them to revamp my clients’ lives. I also had the opportunity to study under respected teachers and leaders such as Andrew Weil, Mark Hyman, Donna Gates, Geneen Roth, and Deepak Chopra.

My approach is a whole food, super food and simple living answer. Added to this, I use “Extreme Self-care”, my signature technique of stacking new habits & daily routines gradually. I love to see you go from tired & fed-up to confidently owning your best lifestyle! I focus on nurturing the areas of your body most affected by your busy, on the go lifestyle: You adrenals, gut and your nervous system. We do this with food, yoga practices, natural and organic supplementation and an overwhelm free system. Working with me you will get support from tools that can take you out of chronic fatigue, food cravings, moodiness, lack of sleep, weight gain and erratic eating. These are all symptoms, but we will unlock the root cause: The feeling that “we are what we do”, so we always need to “do more” to prove ourselves. Makes sense? Then I’m your coach.  Your goals for a healthy life are my inspiration and challenge.