Most of us make a clear connection between the Holidays and the feelings of hope, caring, giving and peace. But how many of us get to actually receive them all ? I never thought I would be writing this post, but I am doing so because I’ve been showered with a rain of hope, encouragement and love that is too great to keep secret. It came from my friends, clients and even complete strangers simply because I asked for help. The power of this cleansing rain is lingering with such a distinct vibration that I had to let you feel it too.

It all started with a desire to inspire my family born from a feeling of helplessness and a moment of complete surrender. I did something crazy! I sent a video to my entire mailing list asking them to help me encourage my parents in Venezuela to keep their hopes in the mists of a very difficult time. I made myself very vulnerable, I definitely let my guard down and asked for help.

Here is the video I shared…

There are many nuances to the story, but instead of dwelling on the painful details of corruption, oppression, and despair I want to share with you the light that came from this almost desperate action…Put on your sun glasses my friend because this light is POWERFUL

My inbox has been flooded with love letters and even videos for my family. Love is to be shared, so in a homage to the power of the community we have created and to encourage anyone out there that is afraid to ask for help, I am including some excerpts of the emails. To me they are prayers answered by angels.

“May God give your family strength and let know one steal their happiness…thought and prayers are with all of you!”

I want to tell you how wonderful you must be to have raised such a wonderful girl as Maria! Thank you for the gift of her!! I understand you are going through hard times and please know my prayers go out to you. Be of hope and be the light that shines in the darkness. Love conquers all…I truly believe that!. May you be energized and given much strength and love during this time. My heart is with you!” 

“You are not alone.  My thoughts and prayers are with you each and every day.  I believe in you”

I believe

…”We believe in the people of Venezuela! That the people have the true power to make a change in their country. We know one day all the people of Venezuela WILL have their freedom! Please do not lose hope, change is happening now!” 

“Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.” –Rumi

…” I have never had to live under the circumstances you have  in Venezuela now, but I did spend five years in Saudi Arabia as a nurse taking care of women and their families.  I have seen first hand how repressive some governments can be and it can be heart breaking. I think what carried me through those years working overseas was the joy of the children and the soul of the families and their love for each other. When Maria reached out to her community to send light and love your way to her parents, I thought what a gift to have a family that loves so deeply. That shares their heart with the world. I have faith that Maria learned this kind of love from her family and so I know that is who you are eternally. I will keep your parents in my prayers and pray that the family will be together again in the future. I will pray for all the people of Venezuela and the upcoming elections…” 


“The words of this song, “Garden of Dreams” by Irene Kelly, keep scrolling through my mind:

Don’t take for granted the seed that was planted,
Be thankful, be grateful it’s there in your heart.
The losing the winning, the end the beginning–
We all need a place we can start.

A light rain s falling, a new day is dawning,
The treasure you long for is there to be found.
So never stop hoping, just keep your eyes open.
You can’t see a rainbow if you’re looking down.

Bless the Earth, bless the sky
And the clouds passing by
And life and all that it means.
Bless the thorns, bless the weeds
‘Cause among all of these,
There’s a rose in the garden of dreams.

May dozens and dozens of roses bloom for you and your family and the good people of Venezuela.”

“For your darling parents:

Maria is the personification of HOPE. I believe that God placed her in my life to inspire, renew, and heal me. Her specialness is a testament to you, her parents, who were and are an indisputable influence on who she is today. No one or nothing, no matter the circumstances, should be able to rob you of hope or faith. And there is always, always, always something to be thankful for…”

“To Maria’s lovely (and I am sure you are!) parents,

Please know and feel the love we are sending your way! I too live in Orlando, Fl where Maria does. Periodically, I see cars on the roads here that have messages written on them for all to see: Viva La Venezuela! I was surprised and delighted to see these messages so I wrote to a friend who lives where you do in Venezuela. She told me about the unrest and all of the problems and challenges you are facing! I pray for her and for you! I hope for you to feel the bits of peace you do find and expand them as you are able, even if it is only in your own hearts and household! Many here in Orlando root for your “side” of the situation there and write the message on their cars for all to see!

And please know of all the goodness and love that your daughter Maria gives to us here and all over the world, as her business does touch many globally. Surely you, her parents can take some comfort in knowing that she is an influential teacher and her message reaches to change people for the better. She must’ve learned from you about the simple pleasures in life. Please remember these for yourselves and feel love and see beauty where ever you are and no matter what ever is going on around you.

Peace be with you, (and I would kiss and hug you if I could!)


And there is more…I have received messages in Spanish and  videos that I cannot share because I told you I would keep your identity private…this is all in the family after all.

This is what happens when you call upon the power of love. I have learnt such a lesson…I am supported by an infinite amount of caring. If you are reading this note, then you are too. You are part of this community, this is what makes us better and why you keep coming back for ideas and inspiration. Yes, I talk a lot about food, health yoga and lifestyle, but I do it because they are a reflection of your love for yourself, your family and community. These actions show your commitment to be a better human being.

If you want to add your own comment, quote or picture please don’t hesitate. I am planning to send it all! This blast of hope will reach people that are now inundated by the very opposite messages. Trust me your loving gesture counts. It always does.

May you all be showered with the same blessings always. All you have to do is surrender and ask for support…the rest just happens!

The Power of Asking for Help

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