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Don’t you love happy endings? I do too! and my life continues to give me  many happy endings, all coming from different stories and many faces. These stories all start with each client. That is why I LOVE my job.

But what is my job? Perhaps you also wonder what exactly is a health coach? and why Did I leave a high paying corporate job for this?

Well, here is the short answer to the first question. A health coach is an expert consultant on matters of healthy eating and lifestyle choices. The key word is “consultant”. Health coaching is not a prescriptive practice. I do not write one-size-fits-all meal plans and  ask my clients to count calories. I ask questions and GUIDE the client towards the right food choices and behaviors to attain goals. I am a “change igniter” and the changes are not just in food, but in exercise, sleep, self care, time management, mindfulness and beyond

The second question will be answered by someone else, a beautiful client that recently wrote this SWEET letter to me…

“...I’ve been meaning to write you few sentences to show my appreciation to you and the programs you run.

Since about 10 years ago, I’ve been taking medication to control Insulin Resistance Syndrome. It is hard to explain but it pretty much means that when the pancreas produces insulin… my body is not responsive to it hence, not using the glucose properly. I knew I had to reduce the intake of sugars, bad fats, and carbohydrates in order to not make it worst and potentially become diabetic in the future.

So, I decided to take a different route and try to control this medical condition through radical healthy eating; therefore, I decided to do Maria’s cleanse.

After the cleanse program, I did the tests I always do to monitor this condition (glucose tolerance curve) and the results were astonishing! My doctor was marveled at the way I had taken care of my diet and the results I had gotten. He decided I could be off the medication as long as I kept eating clean and doing periodical tests…”

When I read this letter I almost cried. This person’s life has changed forever!  And her accomplishment is sweeter than any candy on the shelf, sweeter than any cupcake, sweeter than any other thing in the world! Her success story over her sugar imbalance filled me with such joy that I had to share it. I’m convinced – and her experience proves it – that your sugar cravings can be healed. Even if you are not diagnosed with a condition like hers, your body is suffering right now. And you know it

In just a few weeks you have the chance to change your life. Will you take it?

Your opportunity is my Bye-bye sugar blues online program. Imagine living a life where you and not the sweet food of your choice is in charge of your happiness and joy.

This is why I left my high paying corporate job! This is what helps me wake up in the morning feeling fulfilled and happy. I’m filled with joy and gratitude when I see my clients shine this bright.

Maybe you can be the next person finishing a letter like she did…” I cannot thank Maria enough for her guidance and for creating such well-thought and loving programs. I feel so empower now and reassured that my health is in my hands and through clean eating, I can heal myself. Thanks friend! I hope you can reach many more lives and add value to all of them as you did to mine” 


Get all the details about this program here.

Hurry! Early bird registration ends on October 4th. 


Coach Maria Marcano

Nothing is sweeter than a happy ending!

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