Follow the feeling and you’ll understand your choices …

Many of my clients fit with the picture of the warrior Goddess, the pose above.

This pose. The goddess. It is not dainty at all my friends…This picture made me go back to something I wrote on a social media post recently.

“An amazon is focused, strong, yet graceful and open…Leading with this, my primary archetype, while learning how to balance its power took me to this place I am today. A place out of burnout”

But what is an archetype? I am beginning to study them from a women’s perspective and it is fascinating.  In the psychology of Carl Jung, archetypes are the images, patterns, and symbols that rise out of the collective unconscious and appear in dreams, mythology, and fairy tales. The hero, the villain, the wise man..all of these are archetypes. But they don’t stay in stories or dreams, we play them out and we operate mostly from one of them and judge people based on these too.

So going back to the Amazon. How would a Amazon feel? Strong, focused, courageous, brave, fit, beautiful, driven, serious. These are important qualities and we NEED them. But if you are running on this archetype alone there is very little fun, relaxation, creativity, romance, etc. This is not to say that other archetypes are better. It means that we, and by these I mean women with burnout tendencies, cannot rely on our preferred archetype only: The Amazon (although sometimes this archetype can be the Mother that gives without boundaries)

I leaned on my Amazon for what it seemed an eternity. She got me to America, she put me trough college working full time and making the Deans list every year. She made me a successful career woman and she provided a comfortable life. I tackled every fear and doubt and I got to accomplish milestones, made my family (my tribe) proud, won accolades and more. But this alone was not enough. The FEELING I kept chasing was that of wining or triumph and that meant that I was always fighting some battle. To make matters worst I was also seeking acceptance. Reconciling these two things was killing me even thought I didn’t know that then. But that made me sick and very weak, and the Amazon felt defeated. I felt I had failed. I was supposed to do it all and be strong! When burnout reached the downslide of fatigue, I  felt like a complete failure.

With my studies and experiences I realized (even though this archetype thing is a new area of study for me) that my priorities were wrong. I made many changes, but only in the last few years did I begin to chase GOOD feelings as a GPS to tell me what to do. I have chosen not to go for the feeling of a goal, a chase or a competition. My Amazon needed other archetypes. Today I want to experience other feelings.

Today, I am in a place where I ALWAYS have time to practice. My mornings are slow. I ALWAYS have time to take a day and go to the beach. I ALWAYS teach and coach because I WANT TO not because I HAVE TO make the money. And all that feels good. That GOOD FEELING is what I am chasing. But I still count on my  Amazon: I am ALWAYS expanding my business. I ALWAYS take care of myself financially , health wise and in other ways, I ALWAYS have the means to help my family in Venezuela. But in accomplishing these I know when I’m chasing the “triumphant battlefield” feeling and I redirect myself. I don’t have to always be right, have an opinion, make people like me or prove anything. I just want to feel GOOD. That to me is clarity, ease, flow and collaboration with a side of MAGIC & MIRACLES. This has been the gifts of residual income as a business model for me as an example. The price is knowing my worth is not tied to how much I do but HOW I FEEL when I do it, and the ripple effect of that FEELING when I teach others.

The price I am going for is feeling good. For this to happen my Amazon needs the MOTHER, THE WITCH, THE MUSE…the other archetypes I didn’t embrace as much (and I’m still learning to integrate). That’s what I’m here to tell you. The new paradigm CANNOT burn you out if you stick to this. Follow the Amazon and bring with you it’s archetype sisters.

This new stage of mine is so different that I sometimes don’t recognize myself. And of course this happens even more with others. But I don’t care if people don’t get me. I didn’t get people like me 4 years ago. And going further back, 8 years ago, I couldn’t separate drive from a frazzled overwhelmed state. I worried too much about what people thought. I wanted to win and to be liked at the same time. Talk about exhausting! Today I know a different way to feel powerful. And I’m leading my clients with this new way. This way has a power that doesn’t make you pushy or scared. Instead, it excites you!

As a reward after all this exploration I also found my tribe and my calling in a vision/ business that gets me. If you get me too…this is your time! Go for the price the feminine way (this applies to men too)!

I want to follow the FEELING with unapologetic feminine passion and you will rise with me if you want to feel good too…This will touch every area of your life and it will make you a natural “game changer”. You will organically be a force to reckon, but not a violent, fast and “industrial aged minded” one. You will do what you do for you, for clean food, for mother earth, for your career, for your relationships,  for your kids and for all because it will feel GOOD.

This is what I’m building. And for the amazons reading me and ready to step into the NEW WORLD, this is your opportunity to balance that intensity that burns out.  I am your ally and I have your road map. Ask your self: Are you willing to drop the arms to feel good?

Leaning too much on this archetype burns you out

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