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It’s time for spring cleaning!

For me is almost a tradition. Right before or after Easter I know is time for spring cleaning, but while I clean the house, I know I should clean my body with a spring cleanse too….! I’m not the only one, for as long as we’ve been in this earth spring has been the time for growth and renewal. Your body is energizing itself for the busy months to come, but are you preparing it for them? Spring is the perfect time to get rid of the toxins in your body and gain some rejuvenation after those long winter months.

So let’s face,  we pack on a few pounds physically and emotionally from the heaviness of winter. If we don’t change our habits and cleanse our bodies, we leave ourselves open to colds and flu, which is one way the body works to cleanse itself.  People generally become more stagnant in the winter and suffer from general aches and pains which can also be helped with a good spring cleanse. You may think this is a new Fad, and I recognize that many people don’t even think about the change of seasons in those terms. But whether you like to admit it or not, you need to clean up your body-temple right about now.

I learned a few things from my recent cleanse and I want to share them with you…First thing, many people reacted to my “new eating patterns” as if I was on a diet. This is not a way to diet. People tend to attach any healthy endeavor with the old believe patters of loosing weight. Not that there is anything wrong with wanting to loose a few pounds, but this is way more than that.  And sadly, because of old negative memories from past diets, thinking of your cleanse as so, will start to run a “mild river of misery” right in the middle of the process, making you not enjoy the journey and maybe even quit. So first lesson is: do not put a “temporary diet sticker” on your cleanse, instead see it as a “New beginning”.

This lesson rolls right into the next thing I learned. I needed to combine this clean eating thing with some clean living. It just doesn’t flow right when you are eating greens and then spraying your hair or lathering your skin with chemicals, stressing over everything or staring at the TV or computer for hours and being sedentary. See? Is like undoing all your good efforts. It is time to expand the concept of a Spring Cleanse to be also an embrace of self care, detoxing our environment, getting to move and go outside. I noticed that on that the days I spent time outside, practiced yoga and meditation or had a break from electronics I had more energy and a better mood….This showed me it wasn’t just about the foods. Some other ways to enhance your Spring cleanse is by taking some probiotics, antioxidants, massage therapy, saunas, aromatherapy baths, and exercise (sweat it out!). Just give your body & mind some good loving!

The last thing I would like to share is the discipline part. I know that word scares most people, I used to be there too trust me! But having a plan with some structure for the day including a menu of meals, knowing how long the cleanse is going to be or at a minimum sticking to a do not eat list, makes you more self confident. We crave order and structure in this chaotic world! Also, when you commit to something and see it through you are happier and your self esteem gets a great boost. With that feeling, other goals you though you could not reach may be more “doable”…Who does not need that type of motivation?

So here you go my friend…Mother earth is telling you to detox, and if you are not convinced look at what’s in your market.  You now see berries, sprouts, greens, and bitter roots that also help improve your immunity and fight off toxins and diseases. Your body should crave different foods to prepare for and get in sync with the new season. We need to listen to what our bodies need and what is offered in nature to reach optimal health and wellness.

A Spring cleanse will help get rid of the toxic waste that has built up in your organs and cells which keep them from doing their job properly.  Other benefits of a cleanse include healthier skin, improved digestive system, MORE ENERGY, improved immune system, clearer thinking, improved movement and flexibility, and the general feeling of renew and rejuvenation filled with motivation as you feel lighter.

To help you here are some foods that you should focus on with a Spring cleanse: lemons, spinach, radishes, pineapples, artichokes, nettles, green tea, green peas, coriander, celery, sesame seeds, turmeric, cabbage, dandelion roots, citrus fruits, berries, asparagus, and garlic. It is best if they are all in their organic raw natural form.

Other things you want to make sure you do are:

  • Hydrate: As you become more active you will need to drink more water
  • Practice clean eating
  • No caffeine, sugar, or alcohol.
  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Try to eliminate animal protein, eggs, wheat, gluten, corn and soy for the duration of your cleanse. These products have allergens, and you want to be as clean as possible.

But is you are still unsure on how to begin today is your day! Would you like an expertly designed plan that takes into consideration all of the above?  I have it for you…. PLUS it is guaranteed to give you a Health Reboot with tasty recipes, and self care. CLICK HERE to check out my DIY Spring Cleanse and Health Reboot. Here is all the juicy info…This is a 100% online easy to use DIY program. You just download and let your radiance flourish!

Happy Spring!

Things I learned from my Spring Cleanse that can help your

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