Do you know someone that really needs a break, a helping hand or some loving “me” time for healing?

This may be you my darling!…How would you like to bring REAL Peace, Love and Healing to your loved ones this Holiday Season?

I’ve created this special package to help do just that. As I notice the effects of Holiday Stress in my students and clients I am moved to share a special gift with all of you. 

This idea was born from the many gifts I’ve received from you. Gifts of community, support and inspiration. I want you to know that I appreciate you deeply and that I don’t take you for granted not even for a minute. I’ve never packaged my services this way, but for you I just did! .

  • Is the to do list for this season causing restless sleep or insomnia?
  • Are you or a loved one already feeling a little overwhelmed?
  • Is your diet starting to get out of control?
  • Do you find your good habits slipping or you can’t seem to find ways to keep balance with all the events and expectations?
  • Are you or someone you care about feeling all the usual stress signs: tension, moodiness, tight jaw and physical pain?
  • Are you or a loved one dealing with grief or the sad memory of a life event during this Holiday?

Perhaps you answered yes to some of these questions…I want to remind you that it doesn’t have to be this way. Give yourself or that someone special the gift of healing….Let me help you get unstuck and to be open to more Joy.

Let’s bring HOPE to your Holidays! Here is all the good information for you delight!

Three one hour sessions to include a interdisciplinary Stress Relief Approach: Yoga, Breath Work, Reiki and a Full Body Cleanse…All at your fingertips.

Yoga: The gentle stretches and poses in the individually designed sequence will release stagnant tension from muscles improving mood, circulation and overall flexibility and relaxation.

Breath work: This practice is designed to calm the mind, regulate the nervous system, improve sleep, concentration and help with anxiety.

Reiki: This ancient Japanese method of energy cleansing will open the flow of your vital energy. This is a meditative, non-intrusive practice of placement of hands to relax, restore and reset your subtle & and physical body.

Gentle cleanse: Receive a guide to release “stressing foods” & replace them with healing ones.  Get a 3 day plan with cleansing tools that will improve digestion, rest and energy immediately. Just a couple of days will help you  get slim, let go of bloating and feel healthy right away!

Combine the three services you prefer in any order!

Here are all the details you need to know to start spreading the love…

This anti-stress package is a $300 value! but as a gift I am sharing it with you at a merry discounted price

Your Hope for the Holiday Bundle is Only $151 

Simply click here to purchase your OM for the Holidays Gift Certificate. You will receive your certificate via email within 24 hours


This special package is available only until December 25. 


All sessions will take place at one of the yoga studios where I teach, via Skype or in your home (based on location).


There is no need for previous yoga experience, this gift has been tailored for everyone. Share it with confidence knowing your loved one will feel like a million dollars – without you spending anywhere near that!


Nothing says I care about you more than a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving. The best memories are made from experiences, not from things. 

Ready to share ? Buy today and receive your gift card via email within 24 hours

The package expires 1 year after purchase, but the dollar value can still be used towards any of my coaching or yoga services. Cancelation fees apply