What can change in just 7 days? A lot can change if you have a plan!

  • Is the kitchen a scary place with more failures than you want to admit?
  • Do you feel lost & overwhelmed with the options on what to cook?
  • Do you feel like you have been dragging for a while and need a pick me up?
  • Would you like to create a healthy and simple routine that you can keep?

Then I created this simple seven day menu guide and daily stress routine for you!

I get it, life happens and you get sidetracked allowing your body to feel less than vital in the process. We all need a “Go to plan” to bring us back to a more energized and healthy body along with a clearer mind. Now you can have a road map to help you feel amazing…something that is simple and effective!

What you will get from this plan?

  • Information about toxins, how to eat & live clean and recommendations on building a simple lifestyle
  • A guide to prepare your grocery list and organize your cooking
  • A complete menu plan for seven days with recipes
  • A simple list of self care and stress relief tools and practices
  • A gift card to try and add a superfood boost to your nutrition and health

PLUS you will be part of our online forum where you’ll receive more food ideas, tips and support beyond your seven days. This means that you will be connected to me and a community of like-minded individuals that will keep you inspired.

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This self-loving investment is ONLY $37


The best part is that this program is very simple. All the recipes take 30 minutes or less to prepare and there is even “assembly only” options and one-pan-wonders. Cooking wholesome meals doesn’t have to be difficult. Safe the gourmet efforts for special occasions! This plan is for your day to day victory against skipping meals or eating food that is not so good for you. Your Self Love is the most powerful form of love and cooking is a form of Self Love. Start making friends with this fact and you will open a gate to more love from others and also make you more loving towards the world.