What would happen if you gave your body a vacation from processed foods? 


no work cleanse

This complete program allows your body to return to it’s natural rhythm using real, organic, green superfoods. 

– Expect to lose between 8-20 lb

– Reset your metabolism and heal your addiction to foods

– Improve skin, hair, nails, and reduce body aches and pains

– Cleanse and repair your digestive system and detox

– Build lean muscle and burn fat

– Gain energy and rest fully

Why choose green, raw, living superfoods? 

Green foods are considered medicinal foods – This is true across cultures and it has been documented throughout history.  One of the main reasons why the modern diet is the leading cause of obesity, chronic disease, and hormonal imbalances is due to its lack of nutrients, specifically those found in dark greens and other nutrient-dense foods.

We are talking food medicine here, this is not your romaine lettuce or spinach, nor the smoothie you make at home. We’re talking about the foods with the highest nutrient density in the world: Superfoods. There are hundreds of them – cracked cell chlorella, red marine algae, organic spirulina, organic barley greens, organic kamut, tart cherry, turmeric, adaptogen herbs and many, many more! If you are looking for one empowering concept it’s this – Food is medicine….leave out the rest!

Even though artificial ingredients are often cheaper, encourage yourself NOT to take shortcuts with your health. The prevalence of artificial ingredients, sweeteners, cheap fats, hormones, and antibiotics in the Western diet is possibly the TOP REASON why our bodies cannot perform at optimum levels.

Here are just a few of the things you will NEVER find in this 30 Day transformation:

  • Artificial colors
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Artificial flavors
  • Excipients and fillers
  • Excess sugar
  • Excess fat
  • GMO ingredients

This 30-Day Transformation Includes 3 Phases

A 10-Day Preparation Phase

This phase is designed to ease you into your transformation. You will start using the Core 4 superfoods daily and slowly reducing trigger foods to prepare you for the cleansing and repairing part of the plan.

A 10-Day Accelerated Transformation and Cleansing Phase

Rid your body of toxins that may be causing hormonal and metabolic havoc as well as disrupting proper digestion, lowering your immune strength, affecting your brain function, and more. Expect more energy, mental clarity, fat loss, and much more!

10-Day Nourishing Normalization & Lifestyle.

This is when you build your new normal and find out your REAL reaction to the foods you were eating before being at your best health. You’ll normalize your metabolism, repair and build healthy tissues at the cellular level, and create a lifestyle that can be kept for the rest of your life. All while you continue to lose fat, look younger, and gain energy

green powder

What’s in this program? Here are some of the key superfoods:  
Power Shake  -Deep Nutrition from plants
Master Amino  – The most powerful plant protein in the market with 99.9% utilization
Apothe-cherry – Hight antioxidants for cell repair and natural Melatonin to improve sleep
Super Lytes – Nature’s Electrolytes
Super CleansR – Herbal blend from colon cleanse and gentle parasite cleanse

PLUS THE EXCLUSIVE  Biome Medic – The world’s ONLY natural supplement proven in pre-clinical studies to remove the toxin Glyphosate from the body while repairing the gut and reducing markers of inflammation

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This is not a deprivation program

You have a choice of programs: The Cleanse or The Athletes Transformation. Both include food options so you never feel deprived. You will have all the nutrients available from the superfoods in these products, but you can also include healthy, clean “Flex foods” 3 times a day or “Flex meals” if you take the athlete’s transformation. What are flex foods? Just low glycemic and low-calorie fresh fruits and vegetables like berries, apples, leafy greens, cucumbers, broccoli, avocado squashes, and more! Flex meals are delicious vegetarian recipes made with clean foods. No need to suffer while you transform


You’ll get a full guide of suggested recipes and a grocery shopping list that I’ve created to complement this program. There will be no guessing and no stress.

What more? This package also includes 

  • Transformation Support Guide
  • Instructional Online Video
  • Text Message Support Program from Raw food and sports nutrition expert David Sandoval and Team
  • FREE Daily group support calls
  • Loyal customer discounts and bonus points to be used towards future purchases
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Take a Look at What One Day in This Program is like… 

Learn the food philosophy behind this program and the power of taking 30 days off processed foods. Feel the difference between a   SIMPLE Plant Food Medicine. Watch this video 

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